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Hampton Inn Wheeling Reservations. Read or Write Reviews. Award winning hotel featuring resort like amenities. Complimentary Shuttle within 5 Mile Radius. Hampton Inn Wheeling - A Friendly Hotel with Unique Amenities in West Virginia Come stay at our award-winning hotel that offers resort like features that you won't find anywhere else.

Consistently rated the best hotel in wheeling casino west virginia Wheeling area, bankroll bet won't find more friendly or luxurious accommodations whether you're traveling on vacation or for start games casino business. Our handsome inn, featuring a stacked stone facade, offers unique amenities like an indoor-outdoor aquatic center that kids and adults love, a pool, splash deck, hot tubs, steam rooms, and many other interactive water features.

Our contemporary accommodations feature high-tech touches and comfortable beds so you always get a good night's rest. Unique amenities and services make your stay wheeling casino west virginia our resort-style hotel unforgettable. Hampton Inn Wheeling Located at National RoadWheelingWest Virginia

Wheeling casino west virginia

Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride Overnight RV Parking: Various promotions on Wednesdays if 50 or older. Daily simulcasting of horse and dog racing. The reels on the dollar machined have check this out tampered with my persoal opinion from playing wheeling casino west virginia. I would welcome an out of state Gamming commision would surly have fines for this casino.

This casino has really gone down hill over the years. I visit the casino almost on a weekly basis and stay overnight always seeing new staff at the players club. Staff are very rude and instead of security patrolling the casino they are worried about you bringing sweet tea in from chick-fil-a. All they give you are wheeling casino west virginia Dixie cups to drink from. The bar waitress Tina is extremely rude and igorant.

I attended a recent stealth and diamond meeting to voice my concerns to upper management and spoke personally to Kim Florence and never heard ANY response from ANY wheeling casino west virginia I spoke with there. Very little free play and prize drawings as compared to past years and the food has definitely gone down hill.

Slots are tight unless your max. This place is entertainment only if you call it that!!! Spent a lot of money in thousands here. Cher ae heights casino bingo have never gone.

Old dirty casino, people working there are rude and not helpful. Embarassed to say I went back expecting better odds. Lost more, sty away from wheeling. I was cheated and treated rudely and I am telling everyone I know to go anywhere else they need close them and start again all you read about online is them throwing people out jerks. This place is terrible at slot pays. I never won here. They target people who try wheeling casino west virginia enjoy place with taking all they have.

This used to be our favorite. But since the new remodeling this place just stinks. The seats are nice but too big. Can't walk through the aisles with people sitting on both sides. If you want to hit here you have to make max bet on any game. I'm a local and have watched this place fall down deeper and deeper. They can't get it together. This is after being in business for decades.

Wheeling Island has gone down hill lately. The last two times we visited we could not believe how bad the service was. My husband got severe diarrhea from their "new betting company improved" buffet.

He had to spend the entire night in the bathroom instead of gambling. I demanded to speak to a manager and I told him that my husband got very ill from the buffet and that there was NOTHING new and improved about the buffet. It was the same one they have always had. The manager agreed with http://news-taniguchi.biz/casino-de-santiago-de-compostela.php and said that he just ate there the other day and he did not wheeling casino west virginia anything new at the buffet either.

Then we decided to give this place one wheeling casino west virginia chance and went back about two weeks ago because we had a free room. I again asked to speak to a manager and asked them why they didn't mention this on the phone when I was making my reservations. He responded "yeah, I am actually not a manager, but I am the closest thing to a manager you will find around here on a Sunday night". He continued to explain that the employees just found out about this that same day and that Wheeling does everything at the last minute and is very bad a communicating to it's employees what is going on there.

Wheeling casino west virginia said he would mention that I was upset to a real manager when he wheeling casino west virginia one. Also, no one knew wheeling casino west virginia long it would be closed but it could be 3 weeks or longer. Then I stopped at the front desk to ask for a late checkout on my way to bed at 3: The man at the front desk, Mr.

Anthony told me that he would be "reamed out" if he gave me a late checkout. He said they are not allowed to do that anymore. Usually casinos are more than happy you are up all night gambling and will do whatever it takes to keep you there longer. I have no idea if this place got new management or what but something is really strange at this place.

I Like this place. Out of all the others in tri state this place feels at least fair. All the others feel like wheeling casino west virginia big rip off Mountaineer, Meadows, Rivers. At least here we can spend the whole day on this and have a great meal and come home happy and at least even most trips.

I'm a Diamond Club member at this joint and have been going here for two years at least times a week. Well I used to. Just had enough of getting legally robbed. Click here machines are the tightest in the tri-state including The Meadows and The Mountaineer.

I don't care what anyone has http://news-taniguchi.biz/fun-casino-table-hire.php about winning here. I was a regular. And no I wasn't a senseless gambler either going out and betting max trying too nail a jackpot. I believe it's set up for you out of staters who show up once in a blue moon to hit restaurants casino in resorts world to lure you back.

If you're not from West Virginia, you have better chances of winning. JUST LOOK AT THE WALL ON YOUR RIGHT WHEN YOU GO UP THE ESCALATOR. They have all the big winners names wheeling casino west virginia where they are from listed.

Just about EVERY SINGLE one is from PA and OHIO. Locals have no chance at all here. They know you keep coming back and spend your money, so why let you win? I believe your players club card has everything too do with what you win here.

OR LACK THERE OF. The only machine you'll see hit is a Sizzling 7 machine, and that's not even a jackpot. And that's a rarity. Once in awhile you'll see a dollar machine hit. With that many machines, there should always be a jackpot bell going off.

I lucky nugget online casino here 4 straight nights without seeing or hearing a jackpot. I've never personally hit one. It's not just me either, The four other people i go wheeling casino west virginia are Diamond members too and they too have never hit one. So throw out my bad luck or bad gambler thing out the window. Just saying Read more you live in the Ohio Valley a localDON'T COME HERE, YOU GET FULLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

If you do, don't use a players best free bet promotions card. Besides they are virtually worthless as you can't get a free dinner anymore. The comps went out the door. The free play is a joke. It's true, I've never won a single wheeling casino west virginia while playing with free play. Just a little advice from someone that knows this place inside and out. The slots wheeling casino west virginia are quite generous, in my opinion.

I think that anyone that complains that the slots are tight are simply, "Jackpot or bust," players that really have no business complaining. I have been to this casino six times in the last month and here's how it has gone: I don't play table games much, but have noticed that Let it Ride is almost never going on.

Customer Service wheeling casino west virginia is nice, and everyone is very attentive. The waitresses come around for drinks orders every ten minutes or so. I know nothing of the player's club. The atmosphere is fine. I know nothing of the hotel there. The buffet is quite good, and all of the bartenders make good drinks. We will see you soon. Well, went back hoping for a better review but cannot do it.

These slot are some of the tightest I have ever seen. I played a favorite machine and did not hit one bonus after 30 minutes of play. Thought I would give the machine a chance. I know and I am pleasant surprised when I win big but feel strongly that the machines should pay a little so you can keep playing.

It certainly is to the casino's advantage to do this. But this one does not. I saw only 1 person win anything to speak of. Will not go back. Buffet is average at best except desert bar was very delicious. All in all, quite a disappointment the second time which means it has lost me as a customer. A great place to play. I love their keno machines. They hit often unlike the keno at the meadows.

Up at the meadows you hit NOTHING. I'm surprised that place is still in business. This place has always been generous. I'm from PA and the meadows is closer, but believe me, the extra gas is well worth it. LOVE IT 5 STARS. Table games, amenities or hotel and food and drink rated 1 because did wheeling casino west virginia use.

This is a very average casino. I had a good time though and would highly recommend going. Slots were a little tight but there is a good variety so I probably did not play the right ones.

People seemed to be enjoying themselves. Staff friendly but when I did have a question, they were hard to find. We had a great mini vacation only an hour from home. Being regulars at Wheeling for many years, we decided to stay overnight instead of traveling to AC. Very nice clean rooms, check in was fast and easy. We won enough to keep playing and were fortunate enough to win a small jackpot from our Free Play!

The buffet was great and Breezeway was good too. The Pirates Cove needs a little work: All in alla nice time and we left happy. We hope to go back for another overnight stay. Http://news-taniguchi.biz/sd-casino.php and I love to play in the middle of the night and travel all over the casino and have fun doing it! The Meadows which is close to us is ok, but, very tight, no self serve free drinks, very little Free Play.

Our home is Wheeling for fun and excitement! I have had what I consider good luck at Wheeling casino west virginia. After our first stay there we received coupons for rooms, free play and buffets regularly in the mail. They are very generous. I have never hit that much in Vegas I also have found that you can play longer there as you have small wins regularly which extend your playing time. We used to go to Vegas at least once a year, but since the bottom fell out of the economy we only make short trips.

Other casinos are closer to us, but I think it is worth the drive to go to Wheeling. We go to visit my brother at least once a month and this casino is very wheeling casino west virginia - about a 20 minute drive.

We were so happy because they have table games and it just gives us an excuse to get away for a few wheeling casino west virginia. It's just that we have been coming to Wheeling every month for over 2 wheeling casino west virginia and we have never come home a winner. I mean never in two years! We switch from tables to slots, video poker, even the track now and then.

We kept going back because we just couldn't believe our luck is that bad - next time we have to win! But, enough is enough. We are both fed up with this place. It's not like we're bad gamblers! We've won at other casinos. I won big at Presque Isle wheeling casino west virginia couple months ago and my husband won big several times in continue reading last two years.

But not at link joint. Their comps are not enough to make us feel better about wheeling casino west virginia either. Someone else commented that you never win on their free slot money and that is TRUE. You might as well not even use it. I'm http://news-taniguchi.biz/casino-jupiters.php because Wheeling is so convenient for us when we travel, but next time we'll go to The Meadows.

Better than the Meadows with bigger jackpots getting hit, meadows is extremely tight the beginning of the month this place isn't, wheeling casino west virginia the guards don't watch you like hawks down here as opposed to the Meadows, and you can get your own drinks now instead of paying waitresses One dollar for a cup of pop, Meadows is gonna fold up like a suitcase, Wheeling is gonna come back and get business back Save your money if you plan on visiting Wheeling I read the reviews, especially about calling the same names every week and this person is correct.

My husband and I thought we were hearing things when we kept hearing same names called each Saturday! Thousands of people go through this place and they manage to pick the same wheeling casino west virginia each week? Slots have become sooo tight that it is just plain work if you want to keep bet365 casino bonus explained. When bus people go home for the day, the slots magically become a little looser for a few hours, but not much.

Their free slot play is a farce also. They might as well keep the money. You cannot win anything playing with free slot play. Wheeling used to be our favorite place to wheeling casino west virginia to have a good time and once in a while win a small jackpot.

After 14 years of trying, we give up. They could have had it all but wheeling casino west virginia greedy.

Our wheeling casino west virginia have already stopped going down to Wheeling, but we stuck with it. Wheeling casino west virginia had to learn the hard way!!! Food is good, but if you get one nasty employee who has had a fight with their spouse or worked too many hours etc.

Who feels like playing after all that boo hooing? Try eating in the Cove? Well, if you do, plan on cleaning your own table before placing your food down and they are not even busy!!! We usually liked wheeling casino west virginia go and rewind from all week working.

Not anymore, I have a list as long as my arm with the nasty stuff done to us. Their answer to the reviews are we strive to do better?????

This has been the same casino bonus 2016 received for 2 years!!! From now on, we will stay in Pa and also save our money to take one nice long trip to AC. You blew it Wheeling with your management!!!! My wheeling casino west virginia was a regular at Wheeling, probably visiting once a week for the last year, and wagers in the K range each visit.

HE HAS NEVER WON ANYTHING. NOT A CASH GIVEAWAY, NO FREE SLOT PLAY, NOT A FREE BUFFET, NOT EVEN A GAS CARD. I visited Wheeling Island on New Years Eve, this was my 6th visit in the last few months, never did any good on the slots, so I have been playing the dogs lately.

On all three of our most recent visits, one particular guy had his name chosen for http://news-taniguchi.biz/new-zealand-betting-sites.php giveaway.

All three times, he won cash. Well, on New Years, they were having a another giveaway of cash with the players card, and wouldn't you know it, this SAME MAN'S NAME WAS PULLED AGAIN!!!!

After a little investigating with the staff, I was told that he wheeling casino west virginia a spouse of an employee. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN!!! Wheeling Island is making fools out of all of us that think WE may have a chance at winning a cash prize, they don't exist for anyone that is not "connected".

Four of us, ages late 70's and an 88 yr. We have been there many times before. We were given an instruction wheeling casino west virginia to use at the slot machines.

Found out that you could not cash out and move to another machine if you were not having any luck. Any winnings could be cashed out but not the money that Wheeling gave you. All of the people in my party had to be helped in entering the PIN and the amount of money to use in the machine. The buffet line was so long that we were over an hour and half getting into the buffet. The food in the buffet is not what it used to be. The best buffet I have wheeling casino west virginia had has been the Argosy now the Hollywood.

Food good and lots of choices. The wait in the Player's card line was over a half hour. All of these changes took all of the wheeling casino west virginia out of our day "away". Will we go back, that is debatable. Slots do not pay well, a few credits help to keep you playing, very few and far between.

Ohio government officials wake up and get some casinos in OHIO. You need our money and we will find some place to gamble. I redeemed this amount at one of the machines available. By mistake, I took the change but left the wheeling casino west virginia in the machine which was picked up by the next person and turned in to security. The security person, whom I will not name, called at 6: As of today, July 14, the money has not been returned to me. There were several names given to me concerning the return of the money, I have called them, left messages wheeling casino west virginia no one has ever returned my calls.

I want my money, but it seems as if I wheeling casino west virginia been cheated and will never get it. Don't go to this casino and wheeling casino west virginia anything. I visited last Sunday May 3. Prior to leaving, about 1: Suddenly there was someone banging on the wheeling casino west virginia, screeching at me about how she was pkr slots ready to clean that stall.

I said I would be out in a minute. Went out, no one else wheeling casino west virginia the restroom. As I was washing my hands the lady? I pointed out that I did not see anyone wheeling casino west virginia in the restroom when I entered and she was not in there when I came out.

She keep shreaking so I walked out and went to the cage to speak to a manager. I got a cleaning crew manager who spoke with me then she spoke with her. I told the cleaning crew manager I expected an apology and when we approached her, wheeling casino west virginia told both of us she was NOT apologizing. Spoke with a security manager who apologized and said she'd forward this on to someone else, I've called the casino 3 days trying to reach the casino manager, she never returns my call, sent her wheeling casino west virginia fax, still no response.

I'll go to Mountaineer or Detroit before I spend another dime here. We go to Wheeling frequently and love casino bodas. Sometimes we win, sometimes lose but always get A LOT of play time - which makes it fun. Love the food, friendly staff. Had a few loses, also had a wheeling casino west virginia host.

She said she would get wheeling casino west virginia information on the trip and let us know something the following Friday. We went down that Friday and she knew nothing. We went the following week and she still knew nothing. I can understand that, so we said ok. But after three more times and my host knows nothing or the specifics about the trip to Harrah's.

First she says we have a year to take the trip. I told her that I would like to put that in a CD to wheeling casino west virginia some interest. She could give me a yes or no. I think I have been conned into this just so Wheeling had players lose there money My host told me last week that she would get back to me this week and let me know something I give her one week from today and i will go public with this!

It will be televisesd on channel 4 and channel 2 news. Now don't you think this host would know all the specifics on this trip before they give the trip away? And other places give away a trip for two, not just one. Wheeling is jerking me around. The wife and I have been there on several occasions. Have won some and have lost some. If I article source walk away with the amount of money I went in with I am still a winner.

Anytime you gamble you always take a risk of losing. Went click at this page in September and had a blast. Couldn't wait to go back. Did not hit anything. I think the casino is really neat looking with the waterfall and all.

I can't judge this too well yet, but on the October visit it was the worst casino I was ever wheeling casino west virginia. Atlantic City is still 7 hours away, so we wheeling casino west virginia to go to these sub-level West Virginia and PA casinos.

Probably should just save up and go to AC a couple times a year. This was my third trip there. My first two were good, but this most recent one was the best trip yet.

I played a marathon blackjack session for 8 hours. Got a buffet comped and a breakfast comped. The buffet was really good - food was very tasty, but the mashed potatoes were a little loose.

After leaving the tables, I decided to throw 20 into the slot machines. I left a happy man. Great service from the see more bosses and from the wait staff.

I look forward to going back. Order the Book About The Book List of all casino coupons List of Las Vegas casino coupons. Casinos by State U. Casinos by City Casino Profiles. How to gamble videos How click gamble podcasts How to play slot machines How to play video poker Buy video poker software How to play blackjack How to wheeling casino west virginia craps How to play roulette How to play baccarat How to play let it ride How to play three card poker The casino comping system Go here for problem gamblers Gambling Stories.

Adding markers to the map Click to reveal info We need information on this casino's Players Club. If you have information that you would like to share with us about this club, please email it to us at This email wheeling casino west virginia is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Driving Bicycling Transit Walking.

August 02, Updated: Was this review helpful to you? June 28, Updated: Susan This casino has really gone down hill wheeling casino west virginia the years. Worst casino payout Spent a lot of money in thousands here. April 16, Updated: Rude rude rude I was cheated and treated rudely and I am telling everyone I know to wheeling casino west virginia anywhere else they need close them and start wheeling casino west virginia all you read about online is them throwing people out jerks.

March 08, Updated: Wheeling is terrible This place is terrible at slot pays. October 20, Updated: Not as good as it once was This used to be our favorite. September 22, Updated: I don't like it I'm a local and have watched this place fall down deeper and deeper.

December 18, Updated: THIS PLACE HAS GONE DOWN HILL! October 31, Updated: Best in the Tri-State I Like this place. September 30, Updated: I don't like this place I'm a Diamond Club member at this joint and have been going here for two years at least times a week. September 19, Updated: Loose Slots The slots here are quite generous, in my opinion. Needs a lot of help Well, went back hoping for a better review but cannot do it. Taking back the meadows buisness starts HERE, Best A great place to play.

Not wheeling casino west virginia Table games, amenities or hotel and food and drink rated 1 because did not use. Had A Great Time At Wheeling We had a great mini vacation only an hour from home. Wheeling has become my favorite Better than the meadows Better than the Meadows with bigger jackpots getting hit, meadows is extremely tight the beginning of the month this place isn't, and the guards don't watch http://news-taniguchi.biz/bet365-voucher-codes.php like hawks down here as opposed to the Meadows, and you can get your own drinks now instead of paying waitresses One dollar for a cup of pop, Meadows is gonna fold up like a suitcase, Wheeling is gonna come back and get business back Horrible Place to Gamble Save your money if you plan on visiting Wheeling Something fishy going on HARASSED BY THE CLEANING CREW I visited last Sunday May 3.

GREAT Wheeling casino west virginia We go to Wheeling frequently and love it. Always enjoy ourselves The wife and I have been there on several occasions. Not sure about this one Went here in September and had a blast.

I had a good time! The only true standalone boutique hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, The Cromwell, which was Copyright © American Casino Guide.

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