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Aug 08,  · Victory Casino Cruises, Cape Canaveral: See 1, reviews, articles, and photos of Victory Casino Cruises, ranked No.7 on TripAdvisor among 31.

A little bit of gambling some alright food and lots of fun. We came out fr the CBS Survivor Meet and Greet but still got some time in in the craps table and roulette. The staff are super victory casino cruises and helpful. The food s like a Carnival Cruise but not quite a Royal Caribbean one, know what I mean? We did the whole dinner but you can buy a lesser ticket to board and gamble.

In addition to the dinner service they have a snack bar type place where you can buy aka carte. We will be back for more fun victory casino cruises hopefully win some more money! Also it was a fairly smooth cruise with not too much rocking about. However, your dilapidated, and dirty bathrooms, no servers to offer drinks while on slots or while playing bingo, and the homogenous 1 demographic rock music the band played made the cruise trifling.

Add to that, there really was nothing to do if you did not want to spend 6 hr straight gambling. The band took more breaks than victory casino cruises would expect. The ala cart dining side had servers who picked their butt, ate in front of the guests, and one that had the wildest, unkept, blond locks that I was sure would end up in my meal. My server, who was a sweet person, could not remember anything we asked for and was afraid to tell us how the cooks would served certain meals because he is used to passengers becoming irate.

What kind of cruise is this. Yet they did not pull in to dock til 1: Some people literally hollered and clapped ehen they were finally able to be set free. Wish I could get my money and 6 hr back. I was victory casino cruises disappointed for my first time going on the Victory Cruise The boat itself is really old and outdated and definitely needs to be detailed clean, if ya ask me. The buffet was also a let down. I'm not picky with food, but the food options were bad.

I had one serving of meatloaf and victory casino cruises n cheese because I was going to be trapped on a boat for five hours and needed food so I could drink However, my friend ordered food at the bar, not at the buffet, and victory casino cruises mini pizza was pretty good.

My friends and I, a group of 6, went on a Thursday night. It wasn't crowded, which meant there were no extra things to do on the boat.

There was no live music or dj, literally no music on the whole ship I was under the impression there would be other places of the boat to wander but it was victory casino cruises minimal. So I felt trapped for five hours on a boat. Honestly, after three hours, I was ready to go. Also reminds me that when we were docking to come home, it took about 30 minutes past our set time. We got off the boat after Anyway, I will not be going back. I will say, that staff was pretty nice.

The place just felt dirty and old. I went to have a 5 hour cruise, not much of a gambler. Unlike other casino boats,the do victory casino cruises seating out side. Ship is dated, as were the bathrooms. I don't do buffets, so went to the first deck to eat in the dining room. It was good, sausage was spicy, but not burn your head off spicy.

But if you offer sausage and peppers, perhaps putting link on it would help.

Staff was great, entertainment was good. Can't complain for my 5 hour boat ride. I think for an occasional night out, this is a pretty good deal. You are certainly on the boat long enough to get your money's worth. The people watching alone was pretty victory casino cruises. The food was not good at all, I wish I'd eaten before I left. Took a break from gambling to get a snack in the a la carte area with a couple of friends.

I figured I'd take their cash and put it all on my card. Or hope we wouldn't notice? I do wish that they had shorter cruises for those of us who aren't fans of these long I made the mistake of going on a Friday night, on one of their longer options.

I thought the boat would be back at That last hour was particularly painful, after they turned off the machines and everyone just had to sit and wait victory casino cruises get back to port with nothing to do.

I didn't experience any issues with the bathroom or the overall cleanliness of the boat. I thought the live music was decent and I really enjoyed the outdoor bar area. I regretted spending time in smoking areas the next day but at the time it didn't seem so bad. Overall, I probably wouldn't initiate a trip back but I'd go again with a group. Just not the extended Friday night tour cuz I'm WAY TOO OLD to be up until 2: Hello my name is Cristal Gonzalez, today on June 20th my husband Nelson Juarez check this out of seriously been hurt or almost close to death.

My mother Clementina Gonzalez had also been with us and was pretty upset about our experience at the end of our cruise. We had traveled miles and miles from home to experience the great Victory Casino Cruise. The boarding started at 6pm and left at 7pm, victory casino cruises was set to return at midnight. As we came in we had paid for valet parking because we were really excited for our cruise.

As we came in everyone was really nice besides our bartender who also took our order for dinner. She was almost like she didn't want to speak to us because of our looks Hispanic. There was no one around, everyone was inside playing in the casino so we thought it was kinda rude for her behavior.

She wasn't paying attention to our drinks as she was serving them, yes we were upset, we paid for the entrance, our food, our erzählt: casino mgm detroit ist and still invest in the casino why wouldn't we be upset! Anyways food victory casino cruises great so after we had dinner we went to play victory casino cruises few in the casino!

While we arenia casino morelia there I by any chance didn't have any luck nor did my husband. But we had fun till my husband Nelson Juarez, was getting to the end of his drink and saw a victory casino cruises button, at first we thought it was a pill. As we turned it around it said "water". I as a wife was pretty upset so was my mother, he could of choked on it or ate it thinking it read more ice!

So I asked nicely and calmly to speak to a supervisor or anyone that was in charge of victory casino cruises boat. Like we WERE having a good time but will NEVER be coming back because they don't care about our "safety" as they say. All victory casino cruises care about is their money and try to hide everything that goes on there. As we were sol victoria to a so called manager "Pete Lynch" he apologized to my husband about our victory casino cruises. But did not give us our money back as my mother wanted.

Super disappointed in the way they handled things there. My mom wanted to do some gambling while we were visiting in Florida and took a day off from the click to see more parks to jump on a gambling cruise.

As it was a mid-week evening the boat was basically empty. I think there were maybe 25 of us on the whole ship. Victory casino cruises like some regulars and a mix of tourists. Free shuttle service provided on nice buses from where we were staying. Slots are very tight. Yeah, no big wins for anyone as far as I saw. Nice selection of modern slots and some oldies.

Many new video based games. Blackjack, roulette tables, and a sports book on board. Bathrooms are barely victory casino cruises. You can tell it's an older ship that is a bit worn out.

The buffet is small and hit or miss. You go up and servers prepare your plates for you based on what foods you choose. If you want seconds you tell your victory casino cruises and she goes and gets it for you. Kind of different for a buffet but very nice service.

Don't expect high-end food here. More like the buffet from that scene in "Vegas Vacation" with Clark and cousin Eddie. The staff on board was very friendly and we had cocktail waitresses hook us up quickly. We gave up on gambling for the last victory casino cruises hour to sit on the deck and enjoy the sea air.

I would suggest doing something like this on a Friday night or Saturday when there is more action going on. I had a decent experience on a recent Saturday PM cruise.

I was surprised to see a welcoming victory casino cruises clapping and victory casino cruises as everyone boarded. I'm pretty sure I know why they were cheering The food at dinner was surprisingly decent and table service was good. Online games casino olg drinks were good and bar service was quick. After the buffet portion of the dinner was over, one could order deli type food a la carte in the other dinning area.

This second dinning area offered some gaming and a number of tvs to watch. The machines seemed to all be in good working order and there seemed to be a good ratio of table games. At least drinks are included while you gamble. I was really surprised and happy that the environment wasn't too smokey. It was a very nice night so sitting out on the deck watching people line dance among other things was enjoyable. It was toga night and a victory casino cruises contest was in full effect.

I'm not really sure how that went because there was a crowd block victory casino cruises view of the dance floor. Another thing that I noticed, is that it seemed to take awhile for the drink to come when you ordered while playing.

It was overall an ok experience and I would go again However, my friends and I got a great Groupon which we really figured it would be at least worth it for a good Sunday funday. We were pleasantly surprised that this was a really great time.

The Groupon deal was for two people but my second person was not able to make it so to compensate they gave me four extra free drink tickets. I really like that kind of customer service. There are free drinks on the ship anyway, victory casino cruises if you are not gambling and just sitting outside or approaching the bars, the free drink tickets are exactly what you need.

The buffet food was really good surprisingly. The service was a little bit slow, but it seem like there were only two servers working the dining room so that is to be expected. I actually won some money on the slot machines so there was no crazy loss. So there is some money to be given away. There were some loud cheers and applause on the blackjack and roulette table so I guess there were some winnings all around.

Overall, the victory casino cruises seem clean and the staff is very friendly. The reason I cannot give it five stars is that the smelled like vomit. There were barf bags everywhere for people that got seasick so I guess that is to be expected also, but it kind of grossed me out.

However, overall, my friends and I had a great time. You definitely get your moneys worth with the Groupon, so I would go again just not right away. One star is probably an over victory casino cruises. To begin, as soon as you walk in no matter what floor you enter it smells like nothing but smoke which didn't bother me as much but since my wife isn't a smoker at all bothered her the whole time.

Second, if possible eat before hand because the food there is typical buffet food that's been left to sit all day which you can't even serve yourself they have to serve it for you and there is absolutely no taste, your better off using the same money and purchase McDonald's beforehand. We went on a Friday night with some friends who are avid gamblers. We are not, but we figured, hey - lets have some fun tonight. The food was awful! I would have expected a half decent buffet, it was mediocre at best, and you're only allowed to have one time to the buffet.

You can have a second plate, however your server who was Victory casino cruises most of our meal has to bring it to you I assume learn more here is their way of rationing food? I didn't matter because none of victory casino cruises even finished what was on our plate.

We asked for refill on drinks and some food items which we never got. The drinks were good at the outside bar though Of course we did not have expectations to win victory casino cruises, and I'm glad we didn't lol. Your first round on the slots you win, so as long as you cash out quick, you might do victory casino cruises. As long as youre at a machine or a table, there are free drinks, so that's a plus.

Overall, I guess if you like to gamble for a long time, then you're good - the boat goes out from 7pm - The food was worse than my grade school cafeteria.

The slots are so tight that they have to be in international waters click here a gambling commission can't shut them down.

The burlesque show was trashy. What do you get when you mix a rocking boat with a bunch of drunken twenty something hood rats and frat boys? Puking and fighting everywhere. If victory casino cruises like being trapped at sea in the shittiest Club you've ever seen While you dodge puke, this Cruse exactly what you're looking for.

Maybe it's not so bad during the day, I don't know. Just don't do the victory casino cruises cruise, YOU WILL REGRET IT. I'm glad I didn't read the reviews until after we victory casino cruises gone on the cruise. The cruise company definitely shouldn't be damaged for folks who cause their own issues. This is definitely just what it says it is, a casino cruise. There are quite a few slots to play and a lot of fun ones.

We thought they were awfully tight but we certainly had an enjoyable time. There weren't so many people booked that the slots were all taken either. You could roam from one to another and try a bunch out.

We started at the buffet. Overall it was an excellent buffet for a casino cruise. Well, other than the ribs. They needed to be cooked a lot longer. Well, and other than the staff serving the food. They were just short of rude. Perhaps, they need to go work someplace else as they were not friendly at all. We had a discussion about them with others on the cruise. However, wait visit web page was wonderful.

Food servers is why this cruise got 4 stars instead of 5. We loved sitting on the back deck and listening to the awesome entertainment. What a deal this cruise is and what fun. The victory casino cruises is full of repeat visitors so it must be good.

Went on the cruse for the first time Saturday Morning. Slots were victory casino cruises and modern, but had some older ones that us old timers enjoy. They may have been a little tighter than a land casino, but I didn't notice much different. To those who give bad marks because they lost all of their australia casino funds, Duh - the same thing happens at all casinos.

Staff was friendly and helpful. If I had just gone to victory casino cruises the buffet I would have been horribly disappointed.

The buffet served its purpose, filled my stomach before 4 hours of gambling. The only thing that I was very disappointed about is that I was told that cigarettes were OK, but I could not smoke my cigars. No where did I see any written policy, nor was it ever addressed in the announcements. This policy was related to me by one of the victory casino cruises when he saw my shirt victory casino cruises full of cigars.

At a minimum you should post your policy on your website. It would not keep me from going, but it would have kept me from carrying around a pocket full of cigars during the cruse. To be fair, we were allowed to smoke them outside - But I could do that anywhere Victory casino cruises night I had an amazing time on Victory Casino Cruises!

Myself along with a group of 15 others went aboard Victory Casino to celebrate my birthday and we all had a great time! The drinks were delicious, and the food was really really good! The steak was victory casino cruises and the ribs were juicy! There are more than enough games and machines to choose from with 4 decks to choose from, and the we also had a great time dancing to the music!

Best of all,I ended leaving with a profit which is always nice. I definitely recommend going on Victory Casino Cruises, and i will definitely be back! First time on after living here for a year was pretty fun til time to get off. We waited long after the boat docked before trying to get off. We waited an hour in line and I heard it was because they let the "handicapped" people off first. I air travel with a truly handicapped brother and we get on first because he get past the first row in his wheelchair but we understand that we are off last victory casino cruises he doesn't hold up everyone else.

I am old too but that doesn't make me handicap. If businesses like this would accommodate "handicapped" by rolling them in by wheelchair but making them wait til last victory casino cruises get off there wouldn't be near as many handicapped people.

This is my first time on the cruise, I am visiting from out of state so I really didn't know what to expect. However it turned out really good! Let me start with the buying the ticket experience; and that turned out really well, and the service was friendly and pleasant.

Then when we got on the ship everything looked nice and clean nothing to complain here. The food was ok, nothing really special about it and it was pricy for what you get and the quality of the food. Plus, the people who dish the food for you it is set up like a "buffet" but it is not were so mean I felt like I was in a prison, you know when you see those mean people in the movies when someone click to see more in prison and the mean lady slapping your food on to the plate So that was super NOT cool!!!

However, the rest of my experience was great! Minus the prison food experience haha. I spent most of the time on the deck I played the machines for less then 10 minutes because it is not my thing and I got board. But the victory casino cruises outside deck was AWESOME!! I spend the whole time up there, in the beautiful weather, sipping on water, wow what a relaxing experience it was just being in the ocean and seagulls around and the beautiful sun.

We made new friends danced and had a great victory casino cruises Then at the end it we ended it with a live band and dancing till we arrived back to the marina and had victory casino cruises lovely lovely time.

The band was really fun and great! The must was awesome without alcohol in my system, only water, which is really good because it tells me that it was a great band!!! I really had one of leichter jackpot casino online free der best times! I would do it again! After reading some less than stellar reviews, I was kind netent casino apprehensive about how this would go.

But I really enjoyed it! First, it's super affordable. You really get a lot of bang for your buck. Once boarded, you have to wait until you're at the three mile mark before you can play, but the bars and buffet are open, and it only casino taxes about thirty minutes to get out to sea. The buffet was pretty good. The staff are super friendly and the food was better than I anticipated. I'm vegetarian and was easily accommodated, so that is a huge plus.

While gaming, you get complimentary drinks and I expected them to be slow bringing them out victory casino cruises probably victory casino cruises since they are free but they weren't at all.

If you wanted top shelf or a fancier cocktail, they weren't very expensive either. People are allowed to smoke while gaming, but it seemed to be well ventilated and I didn't really notice unless I was sat beside someone smoking.

The boat was pretty busy and a lot of the good slot machines get taken, so if you have your eye on a particular game, stake it out before victory casino cruises mile marker is passed and gaming can begin! The only reason this is a 4 star and not a 5 star victory casino cruises is that the boat is check this out bit dated and a few of the machines link play right, but there is a victory casino cruises of variety so you can just move to the next one if yours is acting up.

Also, I don't really like that they allow a single person to play multiple games at once. Overall, it was a really great experience and I look forward to sailing again!

I decided to go on the Tuesday PM cruise. I paid the extra for the buffet, but I didn't get to try it, because I didn't realize it ended at 9PM.

The staff made up for it because they let me pick out anything off the victory casino cruises instead. I had the chicken Cesar salad, and it was pretty good. I will probably just skip paying for the buffet next time, because I don't think I missed out on much. I like to stick with the slot machines, victory casino cruises I was happy with the selection and variety of games. It wasn't very crowded when I went. There was plenty of space and open seats.

Although I do hope they fix the digital roulette games, more than half of them were out of order. They give you free drinks while you're gambling. It usually took the cocktail waitress about 20 minutes to bring me my drink after I ordered. On 2 of the floors you are allowed to victory casino cruises inside.

I'm a non-smoker and I was really pleased that the air was surprisingly clean. Actually everything was very clean, even the restrooms. Yes, there was some rocking on the victory casino cruises, but that's to be expected.

It wasn't too bad when I went, there wasn't very much wind. Victory casino cruises do victory casino cruises Dramamine if you need it. I found that the staff members were really friendly and helpful. Overall, Victory casino cruises had a lot of fun.

Even though I didn't win, I felt like it was well worth the money I spent. I will definitely come back! Victory Casino Cruises Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. As we came in everyone was really nice besides our bartender who also took our  order for dinner.

I honestly had low expectations of this cruise  based on the reviews that I had read. Alternativen party casino mobile app Box a let down. To victory casino cruises fair, we were allowed to smoke them outside - But I could do that anywhere. Last night I had an amazing time on Victory Casino Cruises! We waited an hour in line  and I heard it was because they let the "handicapped" people off first.

I air travel with a truly handicapped brother and we get  on first  because he get past the row in his wheelchair but we understand that we are off last so he doesn't hold up everyone else.

It was my first time on this casino cruise and I'm impressed. Americas Best and Biggest Victory casino cruises Cruise Ship! Four decks of Vegas-style casino action Non-smoking decks on 1 and 4.

You must be at least 18 years of age to gamble and 21 years of age to consume alcohol. Bus Schedule Information on our website! Make your reservations online, print your boarding pass and bypass the lines at ticketing to get right on the ship!

Visit our Website for details on pricing and our sailing schedule! Linda has worked in the casino industry for 15 years and is the Social Media Manager for Victory Casino Cruises. Skip to Search Form qeseuwdecqyrzssdzeqeseu Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp.

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Photo of Victory Casino Cruises - Cape Canaveral, FL, United States by Cristal G. We offer both smoking and non-smoking rooms, a full service snackbar, and friendly helpful staff. Recommended Reviews for Victory Casino Cruises. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews.

Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. English 97 German 1. As good as it gets! Sunset on the boat! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime The sports betting sign up bonus warm Comment from Linda D. Pittsburg, CA 0 friends 11 reviews 2 photos. Stop following Janette J. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Orlando, FL 0 friends 4 reviews 2 photos.

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Stop following Shareen K. Jacksonville, FL 32 friends 4 reviews. Medford, OR 10 friends 2 reviews 1 photo. Big Pine Key, FL 6 friends 44 reviews 10 photos. Stop following Krystal D. Page 1 of 5. More business info Good for Kids No. From the business Americas Best and Biggest Casino Cruise Ship! History Established in Opened victory casino cruises July Other Casinos Nearby Find more Casinos near Victory Casino Cruises. Browse nearby Restaurants Nightlife Shopping Show all.

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