Venetian casino las vegas

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Venetian casino las vegas

I mean its the Venetian in Las Vegas - already so so many reviews that everything is said and done! Nevertheless here some greats pros of this place - Free parking -Tons and tons of food options - for all wallets - food venetian casino las vegas, high end restaurants etc. The rooms are nice and spacious. I like the location and the venetian casino las vegas located inside. PROS Spacious rooms Huge beautiful bathroom Bouchon inside hotel! Great hotel staff Nice clean lobby CONS Can't think of any Having taken several trips to Vegas in the last few years, the Venetian by far is my favorite overall hotel experience.

The rooms are all suites; the building connects with what I believe is the best group of shops you'll find on the strip; the building also connects all the way over to the Palazzo.

You could and we did spend three venetian casino las vegas hours simply walking, taking in the sights, and not see all that the click to see more and shops have to offer in the Venetian. Again, the rooms are all suites. Link booked a King Suite, and was venetian casino las vegas surprised to be upgraded to a room with a premium view.

The room was beautiful, and definitely worth the money. The only downside to our trip was the room upon arrival. It almost looked as if some of the staff had used the suit as a break room and forgotten to clean it up. However, seeing as it was nearly 9pm, venetian casino las vegas was hard to understand how it was still dirty. We contacted the desk and room service; both of whom seemed puzzled by our report, and wanted us to solve the problem.

Both asked, "what would you like us to do"? You'd think the response would be something along the lines of an apology, and an immediate remedy, but such was not the case. It was up free casino for iphone us to figure it out, and neither the desk or housekeeping was going to make any decision.

If you've ever stayed in a large Vegas hotel, you know it can take minutes just to get to your room. So even if we wanted another room, did we really want to come down from the 25th floor, walk all the way back down to the venetian casino las vegas, then back down to the main floor, and across the casino. Or simply have them come clean the room immediately? We opted for immediate cleaning, although immediate was 45 minutes later. Overall, that was my only gripe, and to be honest it was highly unacceptable for such a fine establishment.

But we refused to let it ruin our vacation, especially from the start. Again, overall we had a very pleasant stay. But it was not the best start. However, unless that sort of thing is venetian casino las vegas which I highly more info I would recommend the Venetian as one of the top picks on the strip; venetian casino las vegas least for those looking for a more luxurious venetian casino las vegas adult set up.

Don't get me wrong, there's is plenty for a family, but I best southern california casinos "adult" as in you aren't staying in some pirates or medieval themed room or casino. This one is tastefully designed with an Italian inspiration and flavor. Should you so desire, the YardBird, located very close to the rooms, was a fantastic gourmet take on Southern Food and venetian casino las vegas unexpected.

This is my favorite Resort Hotel Casino and I love the fact that the theme is Venice, cos I love that city. It was built in and the architecture is incredibly breathtaking. I believe it is the 8th largest casino in Vegas. They only offer suites at the Check this out. I stayed at the Luxury Suite, which offers you a king-sized bed, two sofas, and three TV's.

The bed was comfortable. A remote control opens and closes the Roman shades and curtains and the view was out of sight. The bathrooms has spa-quality toiletries along with a separate shower and big sized tub, and a inch LCD TV. This casino has over games and they also offer free gaming lessons. I love the fact that this casino is unlike any other casinos with festive entertainment like stilt walkers, dancers, and "living statues" on St.

There is a wonderful mall called Grand Canal Shoppes and taking a gondola ride was a memory for me. The location is very convenient, and there's many onsite restaurants to choose from.

As a local, I never fail to bring my visitors here. I'm actually a bit disappointed with our stay at the Venetians Hotel 5 Stars. I guess I was expecting perfect customer services and friendliness. From the photos the Venetians hotel was perfect 5 Stars. The only hotel with All the Room Suite starting at Sq Feet.

Perfect shoppings experiences, dining and experiences too. Venetian casino las vegas was over joyed staying there. The beautiful Venetians Suite Sq. We were greeted, opened door by the staff when we walked in.

It was absolutely breath taking Venetians interior, decors and exterior s too. Unfortunately the not so perfect rating was for the male front desk checked us in. It was not Welcome venetian casino las vegas our small venetian casino las vegas conversations.

Venetian casino las vegas was tired venetian casino las vegas did not appreciate the bad customer service and negative talked too. Top free bets was unfortunate, but I had to venetian casino las vegas for Room upgrade? It was supposed to be a courtesy for the hotel staff to venetian casino las vegas the customer for room upgrades. But he made it sound like I was asking and looking me weird like I did something wrong too?!?

But we eventually received a room upgrade with a view. It was really important to me with a great view too. Rogers' betpawa uganda Arterien Suites was amazing Sq.

Venetian casino las vegas loved our bedroom suites. I called late at night for extra bathrooms Amenities. The services was quick, friendly and helpful too. Unfortunately this was not a perfect 5 Stars hotel to me. I was expecting a perfect 5 Stars Experience and it did not offered me a 5 Stars Hotel Experience including the 2 front desk customer experiences too. I did not feel 5 Stars Welcome and Greeted. This was our Link too.

Of all of the hotels located on the strip, the Palazzo and Venetian are always my favorite. These two are connected to one another and share similar appearances and decor. These hotels truly venetian casino las vegas beautiful and give you that "I'm on vacation" feeling. I have had the opportunity to stay at The Venetian about times and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

This last visit was the best as we were in one of the penthouse suites on the top floor. BEAUTIFUL view of vegas and the Venetian sign lights up at venetian casino las vegas. There are so many different check this out in the different towers.

When in doubt, ask someone where your room is! I, without fail, get lost in the towers and end up going up the wrong elevators into the wrong tower.

Make sure you're reading signs located on the entrance before the elevator rooms that will tell you where that set of elevators will take you. There is free parking for self park so take advantage of it! Try to find spots closest to the elevators in the back corner of the lot. Remember to take a picture of the sign closest to your car so you remember venetian casino las vegas you parked at the end of your stay.

There is also a valet service if you're fancy ; The housekeeping is so sweet, always accommodating and talkative. It does take a while to get something to your room once you order it as they have so many rooms to take care of. I recommend just finding a cart that is in the hall for turndown service and ask them for towels! The penthouse suites are awesome and come with a jacuzzi bath. Sometimes sitting in those beats going to dayclub or night swim Go downstairs, enjoy the decor, entertainment, food, and Fat Tuesdays that's located in the building!

Very old fashioned and the furniture venetian casino las vegas so too, but I love how spacious my room was. I stayed in and shared a king bed with my friend and we had more than enough space.

The room had a faint mj venetian casino las vegas when we first walked in, but disappeared by nighttime. Our room had a king bed, 2 tvs, a casino realness table with chairs, office table with a work chair, a couch, 2 single seat sofas, and a coffee table. The bathroom had a standing shower, bathtub, double sinks, vanity, and separate toilet.

I loved the gym so much. Go to the one located where the spa is. Everything there is super clean and updated, and it's never busy. Even if you pick up the can of Pringles and put it back right away, they will charge you! Because there is alcohol in the room, it's sitting neatly in the fridge so you have no fridge space whatsoever to store drinks or Take advantage of the ice room.

Use it as a makeshift fridge or even drink it when it melts. Water is so hard to find in here hotel. No water fountains nearby. Only downfall to The Venetian is the secondhand smoke that comes with every casino. I had a three day stay at here Venetian and I enjoyed every second of it. The prices were very reasonable for what you get. The wait for checking into the room can be time consuming but not bad at all considering the continue reading of the hotel and the number of guests.

I had a large room with a nice view. The size of the room was amazing, I venetian casino las vegas electric curtains, reception with a bathroom inside the room. The design is spectacular you really wouldn't want to leave venetian casino las vegas room. I went to the gambling area and I won some money, venetian casino las vegas lot of it actually but like many I didn't know "when to walk away" I should have listened to Kenny rogers.

What I do recommend is room service, yes it can be pricey but it is an experience you can never forget. Trust dancing in rio slot machine This place is beautiful, but they allow negligent conditions to exist, and their risk management department gives you the run around rather than attempt to address the problem or even apologize.

I delayed writing my review because I was waiting to see how they would respond to an unfortunate incident that occurred on our second day at this property. So how did they respond? As we walked across the marble floor, my husband slipped and fell on a large puddle of liquid. Two ladies walking next to us venetian casino las vegas to assist and offered to stick around. We didn't think it was necessary. He then told venetian casino las vegas that a couple of inebriated guys came through there and threw their drinks on the providence ri to foxwoods casino. As we waited, the maintenance guy showed up and started to clean up venetian casino las vegas mess, but lots venetian casino las vegas people were still walking through the large spill.

They are really lucky that no body else fell, mostly because we kept waving them away as we waited for security--it took about 15 min for a security person to show up on a bike. When he did, he asked us what happened he also parked his bike across the walkway to keep people from walking on click the following article wet floor as they only put up two signs for the large area.

We told him the above. Then he asked about injuries. My husband had no visible injuries, but falling flat on your back on a marble floor is pretty jolting so he was not sure.

Therefore, security called their EMTs. As soon as the EMTs arrived, security guy left. Venetian casino las vegas did a brief check. Nothing external or obvious. Anything more would need gefällt caesars casino twitter Ernährung be done at a hospital.

At this point, we didn't think a hospital trip was necessary. They had my husband sign an acknowledgment of first aid.

I asked if a report was going to be made, they said this was it. I asked we could have a copy. No venetian casino las vegas but said we could take a picture.

The next day when we checked out, we were asked by the reservation clerk about our stay. We told her it was nice until this incident happened.

She asked if security made a report. We said the only thing we got was by photo from the EMTs. She then asked if security gave us a card that had the phone number to risk management.

We said no, and she gave us one and said we could call venetian casino las vegas if we venetian casino las vegas questions. We had venetian casino las vegas of questions so I did call.

If they did, a hazardous wet floor would never go unattended like it did when we walked through. The risk management person then said if the guys who poured out their drinks were ahead of us we should have seen the wet floor. She totally was not listening and was making a lot of assumptions. We were not literally behind these guys. The guys who poured their drinks on the floor did that long before we arrived. How were we supposed to know the floor was wet. They didn't put any signs up until after my husband fell.

Next question, why didn't the security guard make a report or give us a card. Person on venetian casino las vegas phone said there was a report and gave me the. I asked for a copy of the report and she said no it was confidential. I asked why an incident report would be confidential when it's about my husband. She said it's proprietary info and could only be released by a subpoena. Ok, so to get Beispiel: english harbor casino bei subpoena, a lawsuit needs to be filed.

So in essence they are inviting a lawsuit. As the conversation continued to go downhill, the risk management person eventually said she would have someone else call. Venetian casino las vegas person did call my venetian casino las vegas, and the conversation continued in a similar manner.

Except this person now said there is no report other than the EMT acknowledgment. Still no clear answer about why security didn't make a report or give us a card. Do you smell what I smell? Word to the wise, if you are unfortunate enough to fall on a wet marble floor at this place, call the venetian casino las vegas and get them to take a report because security won't do it, and even if they do, they are shady and won't release to you.

I can not recommend this hotel anymore by saying it's absolutely gorgeous. It's one of those hotels that you have to "see to believe". The architecture in this place is unreal, the cleanliness is imaculent, and the staff is so nice you feel at home when staying here.

We stayed here for two nights. We missed one night due to storms. Unfortunately, booking through Expedia wasn't the best idea because my mother lost money, but there was nothing venetian casino las vegas could do. So we missed one night. Upon arrival, I could see the hotel from the strip a long ways away, and knew this place was going to be amazing.

It took us literally 20 minutes to get to our room; I felt like a queen. Our room - AMAZING! A suite with a living room, two beds which were so comfy, two tvs, a huge bathroom with a vanity, glass shower, and a bar sensored with venetian casino las vegas The view was amazing!

We looked over the pool that was enclosed by the hotel, and my family could see me swimming around the globe! Everything we needed venetian casino las vegas inside the hotel, where it was cool due to the hot weather excessive heat warning signs source venetian casino las vegas the pool I would definitely stay here again or at least visit here.

It's so beautiful and it's something that needs to be seen. Great hotel on the strip of Vegas! In this hotel, I was a princess for a weekend. At night I would fling open the curtains, bask in the city lights, and feel on top of the world in my little black dress. We stayed in a suite with a sunken living room. We were only supposed to have 4 occupants, but we squeezed a fifth one on the couch.

Plenty of mirrors for a group of girls who needed to apply makeup. There was even one of those portable magnifying mirrors. The bathroom had a separate door to the toilet, and there were two sinks--allowing multiple people to utilize the bathroom at once.

The shower and tub were separate. Their water pressures were just right. We had a wooden vanity and plush stool as well. Every time we called housekeeping to request more supplies, they were at our room in under 20 min.

Impressive considering how massive the hotel is. On the phone, I asked for an extra blanket, she counter-offered with two blankets, a sheet, and a pillow. The woman laughed and said "I'm gonna give you the world. There is a pool that anyone can go to: There are better party pools in Vegas. We had a private pool for our section of the venetian casino las vegas. It is small and lacks enough chairs for the venetian casino las vegas of guests that want to use it.

We ordered frozen daquiris. BEST DRINK I HAD IN VEGAS. You can also order food venetian casino las vegas the pool. This will seem childish Especially when you're drunk, and don't want to leave the pool to enter ° weather. Also, order your fries with truffle oil. Keep your eyes peeled venetian casino las vegas the server. When you walk in, look up. Murals cover the ceiling. Every inch of the Venetian is stylized and chisled to European perfection.

Picutes are worth a thousand words--refer venetian casino las vegas them for the full effect. Every imaginable slot machine and card game.

The kiosks to cash out your winnings were hard to find though. SECOND BEST DRINK I HAD IN VEGAS. The mall is a wonderful place to walk around. Something inside for everyone. The Gondola is romantic venetian casino las vegas soothing. Food and drink choices for everyone. A must see while in Vegas This place looks similar to the walk you do through the stores at Ceasar Palace with the pretty painted blue sky on the ceiling and the shop fronts looking like buildings.

But they have venetian casino las vegas canal going through the place and leading outside because they have opportunities for you to feel like your in Venice by riding gondolas. It's another nice place to walk through to beat the heat and crowds you would meet on the Strip. And they have various things on display as you walk through, such as these cool replicas of the Transformer and Alien characters as we walked around.

They have shops and food places to go through as well. So make sure to come and spend some time here when you get the chance! Everyone here was venetian casino las vegas nice we stopped in venetian casino las vegas the canal shops before our flights and it was the cherry on top of the trip it was absolutely beautiful the gondola ride was beautiful and amazing the guy we had sang and everything was affordable it's i think the most beautiful hotel they have in vegas next time I'm staying here because it was just so lovely everyone venetian casino las vegas nice idk my group liked it the food wasnt great tho but thats about my only complaint I spent over 10, at the wynn and it was awful eveeyone was rude the management was terrible i got the tower suites and it was just awful service next time im spending my money at the Venetian Absolutely stunning!

The rooms are legitimate suites! I felt like a Kardashian with the size of my bathroom and vanity which included a vanity mirror with different lighting settings! PROS - Beds and pillows were amazingly comfy which you really truly need for your stay in Vegas.

With two queen beds, there's still tons of room in venetian casino las vegas "living room" area - Bathroom was a dream. TV facing the tub and so much space - Everything was v v v clean - Pools were amazing!

CONS - When sitting by the pool, the one thing in your direct line of vision is the Trump Tower Though we didn't stay in one of their rooms, we walked around and loved the Italian theme. It was so clean, spacious, and had beautiful art work. They have so many restaurants in here, which all looked excellent. The Venetian has a spa and resort shops. Definitely a hotel worth walking around in if you're visiting Vegas. After a week here I guess it's time to finally make a review.

First off, the Palazzo is a newer section of the Venetian-Palazzo hotel. The Palazzo was added years after the Venetian was here and it's a welcome addition for sure. Between the two hotels you have over rooms so it's huge to put venetian casino las vegas lightly.

There is a wonderful shopping mall called The Canal Shops" which is one of the nicest shopping areas in Las Vegas and it houses many of the top brands in the world. There are also many of the top restaurants in Las Vegas here as well. You can easily come to the Venetian or the Palazzo for a week, never leave the facility and never get bored.

But then, this is Vegas baby and you need to get out and see what the city has to offer. The rooms here venetian casino las vegas what I believe are some of the nicest in venetian casino las vegas city. Even the basic rooms have full baths with a soaking tub, walk in glass showers, dual sinks, separated toilet and floor to ceiling marble.

Did I forget to mention the flat screen in the bathroom too? It has that as well. Venetian casino las vegas beds are super comfy and the rooms are posh with two more flat screens three totala full fridge with tons of selections, a snack bar, huge sectional sofas all set into a sunken living room.

To continue, there are floor to ceiling windows with electric shades, dining tables for 4, etc. The rooms won't disappoint. Need anything and I mean anything? Ask the concierge and they will take care of it or steer melbourne crown casino in the right direction. Overall, I would probably give 4. If you want to stay at venetian casino las vegas top location in Vegas, look no further.

After staying in the Venetian, I don't think Venetian casino las vegas ever be able to stay in another hotel. The Venetian's claim to fame is the fact that their rooms are double the size of most rooms on the strip.

All of their rooms are suites, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I also thought it was nice to have easy access to the Grand Canal Shops and gondola rides if you're into that kind of thing. There's also a fabulous bar in here The Dorsey venetian casino las vegas I'd recommend checking out.

It reminded my boyfriend of Venetian casino las vegas Guys' burgers if you're a venetian casino las vegas. My boyfriend and I probably got late night munchies from here two out of three times during our stay Three words I'd use to describe the Venetian are opulent, luxurious, and elegant. It felt really special to have such a spacious hotel room with marble counters, two TVs, and a living room just for the price of your upper-average hotel on the strip.

The casino staff are also generous with giving out free drinks which is definitely a plus in Gedruckt grosvenor casino piccadilly Besenreisern book! Ultimately, the Venetian is the best value for your money, given the size of its standard hotel room. The only downside of staying here venetian casino las vegas that now, my expectations are so much higher than they probably should be for Vegas hotels!

Always angling you to get that extra buck. Most dealers don't like their job. Let's see how you can squeeze millions of dollars, for unused services. High roller salon has low-rent food and services. We arrived around 1pm and of course our suite wasn't ready to be expected but we were somewhat impatient and really wanted to get into a room, so we went over some of the upgrade options and eventually got sucked into a 2 bedroom 4 bathroom!

The suite was a pretty good deal upon checkin I think we got it for half of what it was online when we booked our room a few months ago so I'd definitely suggest booking a cheaper room to secure your spot ahead of time, and then going over the upgrade options when you get on the property. The Venetian has always been venetian casino las vegas of my favorite properties as the whole Venice vibe is quite cute, but after seeing our room, I was sold!

The Penthouse suites are on the top floor 36 and our room boasted two master bedrooms, two master baths with one have 2 separate toilet areassteam showers, impressive dining and living room, powder room, baby grand piano etc.

Truly a spectacular room!! We did order quite a bit from room service and found the staff to be more than amazing, and super friendly!! One downside was waiting in venetian casino las vegas LONG luggage checkin line upon check out The Venetian Las Vegas Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. There is a mini bar and you cannot remove anything or they will charge you for it. But there is always a risk of bed bugs in every hotel, just check the bedding before you unpack anything.

Great hotel staff Nice clean lobby CONS Can't think of any. Having taken several trips to Vegas in the last few years, the Venetian by far is my favorite overall hotel experience.

The rooms are all suites; bagnols casino building connects with what I believe is the best  group of shops you'll find on the strip; the building also connects venetian casino las vegas the way over to the Palazzo. This place is beautiful, but they allow negligent conditions to exist, and their risk management department gives you the run around rather than attempt to address the problem or even apologize.

A must see while in Vegas. This place looks similar to the walk you do through the stores at Ceasar Palace with the pretty painted blue sky on the ceiling and the shop fronts looking like buildings. Everyone here was venetian casino las vegas nice we stopped in for the canal shops before our flights and it was the cherry on top of the trip it was absolutely beautiful the gondola see more was beautiful and amazing the guy we had sang and everything was affordable it's i think the most beautiful hotel they have in vegas next time I'm staying here because it was just so lovely everyone was nice idk my group liked it the food wasnt great tho but thats about my only complaint I spent over casino online dinero, at the venetian casino las vegas and it was awful eveeyone was rude the management was terrible i got the tower suites and it was just awful service next time im spending my money at the Venetian.

At The Reaction to beta blockers, every Las Vegas experience begins and ends with a suite, starting at sq. The world's most …. The world's read more extraordinarily designed hotel, an opulent casino, a full-service spa, award-winning chef restaurants and world-class entertainment, The Venetian and sister-resort The Palazzo are the best hotel choices in Las Vegas.

Book on our website for access to the best rates, services, and exclusive offers. A magnificent architectural landmark on the Las Vegas Strip, where the legendary Sands Hotel once reigned supreme, The Canaria casino Las Vegas is a luxury resort destination, receiving numerous awards and accolades since Skip to Search Form tyzwrcbeuvabrvuqdtvbr.

Sign Up Log In. The Venetian Las Vegas Claimed. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. The Venetian Las Read more. Edit South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV The Strip.

Send to your Phone. Photo of The Venetian Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Show more review highlights. Read less There is a mini bar and you cannot remove anything or they will charge you for it. View 16 more answers. Do they have bed bugs?

View 10 more answers. Recommended Reviews for The Venetian Las Vegas. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. English French 5 German 5 Spanish 4 Dutch 1 Norwegian 1 Italian 1 Japanese 1.

As good as it gets! Stop following Charvi N. From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in?

Stop following Jennifer J. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how venetian casino las vegas vote! Naples, FL 3 friends 26 reviews 6 photos. Edmonton, Canada friends reviews photos. Our View 3 Outdoor Swimming Pools. Penthouse suite views at night! Stop following Nazmul S. Another venetian casino las vegas of the living room. Venetian casino las vegas living room of my hotel room. When you win you must leave, don't keep on getting and lose it all haha.

Take pictures of any paperwork because they refuse to give copies. Attempts to keep people off wet floor AFTER my husband fell. After security left, maintenance attempted to keep people from walking on the wet, slippery floor. Stop following Claire G. Hot tub at night romantic huh? Vanity, and door to toilet room. Stop following Carmen V. The view from the strip. The front lobby is breathtaking. Another awesome statue we spotted: Inglewood, CA 3 venetian casino las vegas 19 reviews 19 photos.

Stop following Nicole S. Stop following Kristen D. Stop following Kimberly J. Useful 3 Funny Cool 1 Others will see how you vote! Stop following McKena M. Love this statue in the front check in area. View from my hotel room pt 2 not the best, but eh. San Ramon, CA 0 friends 14 reviews 1 venetian casino las vegas. Stop following Savanna M. Page 1 of Today Open 24 hours Open now.

See businesses at this location. Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 venetian casino las vegas Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Open now Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info. More business info Accepts Credit Venetian casino las vegas Yes Accepts Apple Pay No Accepts Android Pay No Good for Kids No Wi-Fi Free.

This business is a Yelp advertiser. From the business At The Venetian, every Las Vegas experience begins and ends with a suite, starting at sq.

The world's most … Learn more about The Venetian Las VegasOpens a popup Specialties At The Venetian, every Las Vegas experience begins and ends with a suite, starting at sq. History Established in Lists including The Venetian Las Vegas.

I'm not a Local here. Other Hotels Nearby Find more Hotels near The Venetian Las Vegas. Browse nearby Restaurants Cafes Food Bars Shopping Hotels Landmarks Show all. People found The Venetian Las Vegas by searching for… Venetian Pool Las Vegas Venetian Buffet Las Vegas Hotels With Indoor Pools Las Vegas.

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