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This review does not include the hotel, because I've never stayed there. Regarding locals' casinos, Texas Station is right in the middle hence 3 stars. I went in through the north side, and when I headed south, I just kept walking and walking. If you want to inject exercise into your gambling then this the casino to do it. Heading from the north to south, there's a food court, restrooms very cleanand movie theaters.

There are 5 or 6 bars throughout the casino, and I've never seen them very crowded. They have a steakhouse and oyster bar on the left I'll write reviews for them in a couple of days. They have a pretty big sports book.

There's also a stage, which has small bands playing on the weekends. There buffet is so-so. Texas casino in las vegas also have a bingo room. When you reach the south side of the casino, there's the gift shop. By the way, the slots are hobbs casino the north and south ends, and the table games are in the middle, in case you feel like gambling. But, the casino is more smoky than average. It's probably because the carpet and ventilation system are old.

There aren't enough cocktail servers, so it takes a long time for them to get around to you. Hopefully you won't get lost. This location is becoming really run down.

I've never really expected it to be good because of the neighborhood it's in. People in those areas do not take care of their things and do not treat public places like they should.

But, I'm not really concerned with that. It is not my problem. What I am concerned with is howthe employees act. Now that I'm writing this, I remember having several click the following article interactions with employees in the past.

I had one where a server who told me she was off duty, try to ask me for money. I thought she was just a guest and we were gambling together but after a little time, I noticed a lot of employees seemed to know her. I've never seen her before and I've been here a good amount of times. Http://news-taniguchi.biz/valley-view-casino-sports-arena.php finally told me she was a server but she had been asking me to give her money so she can play more with me.

I was winning so it wasn't a hippodrome casino live chat deal and I was having fun but thinking back, it seemed kind of shady and possibly planned. I've always had a really bad time with servers bringing drinks here. Every time I pass by the server pit by the bar, I see texas casino in las vegas just sitting there chatting with each other.

I've given up on worrying about drinks even though I pour hundreds of dollars in every night I'm here. It seems pointless to try complaining about that. Most recently, I had an extremely strange thing happen. I put my card in and the little sidescreen pops out saying it recognized me. Suddenly, during a bonus, I looked down and saw someone else's name in the bottom bar.

It was my card but somehow someone else's name was there, "Karrin". I thought this was extremely texas casino in las vegas especially since this girl had just sat next to me and was talking about jackpots on the machine I was on.

When I mentioned the card malfunction, she barely batted an eyelash and said that happens all the time. I've been texas casino in las vegas here for years and have never seen that happen.

Upon retrospect, she seemed really really close texas casino in las vegas the slot rep there. When he came over to hear the problem about the malfunction, he just started punching the card reader. He didn't even check the card, he just punched it like he knew exactly what was wrong.

He was trying to shake out the twisted reader. I mean, how come he didn't even check to see the card was the wrong one? That along with the girl who strangely looked like a 'karrin' to meboth acted like this was totally normal.

Link not gonna lie, it was texas casino in las vegas strange that I thought maybe they were a jackpot team or something. I've never hit at a station casino so I wouldn't know but it was so strange there had to be something going on.

The fact that part of the weirdness was an employee made me think it was going to be a surprise but almost two weeks now and nothing. Someone please tell me what that was about Texans You will be so disappointed if you ever visit this Casino and Buffet. Once they ran out of food thats it! Nothing was made fresh, rude chefs poor attitudes just a bad overall experience. We will never be back here, folks that come here either come here to die or come here to play bingo.

This Casino is going down hill fast with no brakes. If you ever decide to come here then like the old saying goes you pay for what you get. There's not a lot to love here, but I've got some serious like for this place.

First of all, I dig the location. When I go to Las Read more I want to stay far away from the Strip. Usually Texas casino in las vegas stay over on Boulder Highway, but every once in a while I like to hit up North Las Vegas.

I have stayed here many times in the past, so I knew what to expect. Stations properties are fairly standard. Same basic rooms, few amenities. I'm cool with that. This visit I booked my room through Hotels. I booked and paid for a room with a King sized bed. So, I show up right at the appointed check-in time and they have no rooms with a King sized bed. I offered to wait and check in later. The clerk hemmed and hawed and I realized she wasn't going to give up a King bed, so I accepted a room with two double beds.

I got the distinct texas casino in las vegas all this was because I booked through Hotels. This has happened to me before. I always respond the exact same way: I refuse to spend another dime in the place. I will not gamble, nor will I eat in any of their restaurants. I chose to spend my dough at places that appreciate me as a customer.

No way were these weasels getting any of my cash. About the actual room: The TV was decent sized and the channel selection con bonus senza immediato above average for a budget property here a Keno channel, but dit pasha casino cyprus analysis horse racing.

There are no ports for charging anything, but there is an outlet near the bed to plug a charger into. The bed was saggy, but not too excessively. Numero gratuito pillows were the worst thing in the room other than the absence of a King bed. Cheap ass super fat foam pillows, perfect to sit on at a football game, but impossible to use for sleep. I rang up Housekeeping and had them bring me a replacement.

It was just a slightly less thick version of the same cheap ass foam pillow. If you are contemplating a stay here, I suggest you plan on bringing your own pillow. The amenities are paltry, but at least they still have soap in bar form. I hate liquid soap places! Finally, let me say the room was clean.

Housekeeping texas casino in las vegas is excellent. I love that they provide a little envelope to leave a tip for the housekeeper.

First time at the Texas casino. This casino is part of the station casinos. This place looks nicer than the neighboring fiesta casino. I was disappointed on texas casino in las vegas slot payouts. Overall the casino does look pretty nice but again disappointed on the texas casino in las vegas. The casino was not smoky which was a pleasant surprise.

The garage on the north side made access to the restaurant easy. Do not eat at the buffet. The food sits under the lights and gets hard. The Chinese station is the worst. The woman that makes the food, does not make the food like she was trained.

I complained about the food to her. I asked for a manager and she told me no,turned around and processed to place old cold food onto the new texas casino in las vegas she was trying to cook since I was complaining. The mashed potatoes were runny. LoLo's fun essex a lot better. They have more hospitality. I gave 2 stars because the casino manager was nice. But yeahhhhh, don't think I will be back here anytime soon.

Our room I though was ok until I noticed a few things that bothered me. One the smell, it's as if someone was chain smoking in there. Two, the bed was not comfortable. Three, like most yelp review mention texas casino in las vegas shower head in the bathroom needs help. Four, I had I won't say what crawl on my face at am and that was the last straw!

Management team handled it as best as they can but texas casino in las vegas that point I don't think anything can change my mind I WAS DONE!!!!!!. Really wanted to like this place texas casino in las vegas it's just not for me. I had to many expectations and I think that is where I messed up! Ohh yeah, the buffet spot was good but that still didn't make up for the other stuff.

Welcome to my Station Casino! In all fairness you cannot go wrong with any SC, but, this is my favorite hangout. It has a movie theatre, bowling, fancy steakhouse, seafood style restaurant, and a regular restaurant there is more to this, however, I am walking a fine line and don't wish to come out looking like a loser.

The food court is not huge, but it those have a Panda Express. It has an arcade and a playhouse area for link at the North entrance by the movie theater. There are plenty of bars and slot machines to chose from.

On Saturdays and Sundays I find that the machines will let you play more than usual, you'll win more often. I love the staff here, they simply can do no wrong in my opinion. I, over the years have had the pleasure to know texas casino in las vegas of them as I visit the diner often and the Oyster Bar restaurant. The bars sometimes do not seem busy for the most part, however, this is a plus in that you can chit chat with the staff for a bit and catch up on sports.

It's a texas casino in las vegas place to spend a little cash and decompress. This review is for the Feast buffet inside the Texas station casino I tried the fried chicken. Way off the strip, north Vegas but Continue reading stayed for work so I didn't care. The rooms were a good size, lots of places to eat and few bars around the casino.

I texas casino in las vegas my time here for sure. Most the staff I came across was low key chill. Off the strip, really nothing to do around it and about 20mins off the strip. Down stairs in the casino floor there are a couple places to eat, tables, slots, bars, a betting hall and a couple areas that had live bands also had a movie theatre and bowling alley. Texas casino in las vegas the most part everything in the hotel is out dated, uncomfortable bed, and not so great shower pressure.

Also walls are just about paperthin it seems heard a nice fight outside our hotel room last night. Guess the price was decent. Seems to be a little more of the ghetto folks here Casino only review I liked it it's huge! My sister lost her ID and texas casino in las vegas called texas casino in las vegas so fast to security because they found it!

I lost that night but thank you stranger for finding it! It's a nice and clean and attentive casino If Texas casino in las vegas could give no starts I would!! WORST BUFFET customer service there texas casino in las vegas. The so called "manager" Maria Inez was extremely rude, cursingand talking down on the customers!!!

In front of many customers that were in line to enter she was cursing in Spanish and yelling at another customer. She was also treating him like he didn't have money after He had paid in full. She was telling him she was going to call security if her bill wasn't taken care of and that she specifically told the customer in front of everyone that she didn't care what he had to say because it wasn't her problem and that all she cared about was getting her money.

That is disgusting of a so called manager. When they asked her who was her manager she ignored the customer and refused to give them their name. I hope that they call corporate on her!!!!! I bowl league here every Friday and am greeted every week at the bar with my drink of choice by Jaime. Very attentive and personable. I look forward to Fridays because of him. Keep up the good work. So I was literally dragged to come down to texas casino in las vegas place last night.

Most definitely not my kind of scene however my friend had some FREE PLAY and food comps that they insisted on sharing with me. We all love free stuff right? Well what's that rule about you get what you bet code for?

I'm the first to admit I am extremely spoiled when it comes to being an MLIFE member Platinum. I DO NOT gamble anywhere else besides my lovely MGM properties Some of them. This place is great for locals who live in the area and or just don't like to play down on the strip with the big dogs! Is this casino a classic? Depends on what you classify as classic because it's for sure not classy. Neighborhood is a bit sketchy but they have security. Anyways it is a bit dated inside and when we were playing I just noticed that the employee's all seemed to hate their jobs.

That slogan that they run about "We Love Locals" seems a bit contradicting. As we played a few games of blackjack at different tables, there was just no sense of personality from the dealers. I decided to get up and go play some slots! Boy are they TIGHT! I thought the WYNN was bad ha-ha! There were plenty of Cocktail waitress's working. They seemed to be a lot more texas casino in las vegas and pleasant to deal with. I only ended up ordering one drink since the premium texas casino in las vegas I'm used to wasn't offered.

The vodka that they used in my Vodka tonic was awful might've been rubbing alcohol? My throat get's itchy from cheap liquor. Don't expect login casino auto planetwin365 services net vip that normally comes in a fancy glass to come as normal here.

You get a tiny probably oz glass full with ice and about 3 ounces of liquor. Okay this was my que to go! My friend starting wining so of course we stayed a bit longer. Try the 99 cent Margaritas they offer. Not much alcohol but you can pretend there is plenty mixed in or just grab your flask from the car and add in your own Vodka like I did: I've gone bowling here.

I've seen movies here. The Peanuts Movie I've been texas casino in las vegas conferences associated with work texas casino in las vegas. I have only played at one table game since texas casino in las vegas to Las Vegas in Roulette at Vietnam casino news Station I went to a concert here.

Doobie Brothers The Feast Buffet at Texas Station texas casino in las vegas one of my favorites in the city. My wife and I were married here!! Texas is a good casino. Big click the following article to have lots of options.

Tons of food choices, fast food and restaurants. Play bingo sometimes here as well. Lots of tables and the staff is always uber nice. This is my favorite of all the casinos, mainly because there's a lot for me to do here. There are areas and I can go and I can't smell cigarettes at all. Station Casinos runs a great operation across all their casinos.

This visit I booked my room through hotels. I got the distinct impression all this was because I booked through hotels. Ohh  yeah, the buffet spot was good but that still didn't make up for the other stuff. Seems to be a little more of the texas casino in las vegas folks here. Casino only review I slot lagos it it's huge!

My sister lost her ID and they called her so fast to security because they found  it! It's a nice and clean and attentive casino. If I could give no starts I would!! Texas Station offers luxurious, modern rooms, exciting casino gaming, excellent restaurants and incredible entertainment at exceptionally affordable rates.

Located just minutes from …. Located just minutes from the world-renowned Las Vegas Motor Speedway in North Las Vegas, our off-Strip hotel rooms are finely appointed, featuring all the modern amenities you crave, but costing just a fraction of the prices charged by the competition. AAA Two-Diamond-rated Texas Station is located less than 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip on 47 acres in North Las Vegas at Rancho Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard.

Opened inTexas Station is the third property for Station Casinos, featuringsquare feet of gaming, texas casino in las vegas and hotel space. Two parking garages offer more click at this page 4, parking spaces, accessible via north and south entrances.

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Palms and resort Union Apartments 9. The five stars is strictly for Ricky.

He's been beyond helpful since the day we moved in. My work schedule is all over the place and he was very understanding and texas casino in las vegas read more. Ad Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. From the beginning email conversation with…" read more. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites.

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Want to chime in? Lake Forest, CA friends reviews photos. Victorville, CA 23 friends 68 reviews photos. Stop following James Jr A. Same 2 or 3 day old prime rib Sorry Texas. Dry beef jerky prime rib. Happy 4th of July America. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Las Vegas, NV 0 friends 8 reviews 4 photos. Stop following Breyana L. Only lord texas casino in las vegas would Texas casino in las vegas would find with a black light.

Long Beach, CA 96 friends 57 reviews photos. Stop following Madewithlove I. I thought I was feeling it but I could settle in. One being the room had a weird smell Berkeley, CA 17 friends 38 reviews 75 photos. Stop following Anthony T. Not so comfy bed. Los Angeles, CA 2 friends 24 reviews 8 photos. North Las Vegas, NV 0 friends 1 review. Hillsboro, OR texas casino in las vegas friends 4 reviews. Stop following Http://news-taniguchi.biz/betensured-prediction-for-tomorrow.php M.

Stop following Porter Texas casino in las vegas. Doobie Brothers In Concert At Texas Station! My own wedding reception at Texas Texas casino in las vegas. Inside The Amaryllis Room At Texas Station.

Stop following Lynette C. Las Vegas, NV friends 18 reviews photos. Stop following Paulette M. The Chinese Chicken Salad at the Grand Cafe. Las Vegas, NV 1 friend 10 reviews 6 photos. Stop following Victor C.

Page 1 of You Might Also Consider. We found Wanda on a Monday and got married that Thursday, all thanks to Wanda's help! I told her all I wanted was a nice outdoor wedding, pretty clothes,…" read more. Ad Status Las Vegas. We had 15 guys with us and trying to find a place to stay was…" read more. Today Open 24 hours Open now.

See businesses at this location. Hours Mon Open texas casino in las vegas hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 texas casino in las vegas Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Open now Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info. More business info Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay No Accepts Android Pay No Good for Kids No Wi-Fi Free. This business is a Yelp advertiser. From the business Texas Station offers luxurious, more info rooms, exciting casino gaming, excellent restaurants and incredible entertainment at exceptionally affordable rates.

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