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Download Internet Explorer Download Firefox Download Chrome. CBS 3 CBS 3 joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer. CBS 3 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS […]. KYW Newsradio Traffic. SinceKYW Newsradio has been the hour instant source for the news and information sought by Delaware Valley residents.

Our staff of reporters, editors and news anchors are dedicated to […]. Sportsradio 94WIP     Welcome to Sportsradio 94WIP on CBSPhilly. Sportsradio 94WIP has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer. Sportsradio 94WIP is […]. Talk Radio  WPHT Welcome to AM on CBSPhilly. Talk Radio WPHT has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer.

Talk Radio […]. Facebook Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania YouTube TuneIn. Couple Recounts Terrifying Moments Being Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania On Rising Drawbridge In South Jersey One family more info South Jersey says they're lucky to be alive after a terrifying sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania while crossing the Middle Thorofare Bridge which connects Wildwood and Cape May.

Summerfest At New Hope The CBS 3 crew makes its way to a treasure of a town located in Bucks See more, Pennsylvania. Darby Has Impressive Debut, Eagles Beat Bills Of all the high-profile players making debuts in a new here, Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby was most impressive.

LeSean McCoy Orders Cheesesteaks, Crab Fries For Bills Teammates Former Philadelphia standout running back LeSean McCoy is all about the bills these days. Listen Live KYW Newsradio Rootin' Tootin' Whether it's at the ballpark or a backyard barbecue hotdogs area popular summertime staple!

South Philadelphia Social Club Makes Top 10 List Of New Restaurants In US It's a South Philly establishment open only to members, but that doesn't mean you can't get sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania table. Small Hotel Getaway There's a vanishing breed of romantic getaway lodging. KYW's Jay Lloyd laments the loss of another small country hotel and suggests a stay at those remaining, before it's too late.

Six Flags Sets Record For Most Riders In Pajamas Bonus casino world record was set for the most rider wearing pajamas on a roller coaster on Wednesday. Getaway Guide To The Captain John Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania Trail Let's set out in the wake of the Captain to visit some key locations on a venture to Maryland and Virginia.

Storybook Stroll at Chanticleer There's a taste of everything at Chanticleer in Wayne, Delaware County, a home turned into a publicly-accessible garden. Cape May Deck Eats Getaway This summer in Cape May marks a special anniversary for KYW's Jay Lloyd and he takes us where he celebrates.

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Barcelona Terror Attack. Motorcyclist Dies In Crash In Camden County. ISIS Claims Responsibility For Barcelona Terror Motorcyclist Dies In Crash In Camden County Strong Storm Threat Astrologer: Check this out en Blanc Takes Over Popular Philadelphia Park, Makes History Guests don't find out where they're dining until moments sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania they arrive. Woman Hospitalized After Falls Out Of Vehicle Traveling Roughly 60 mph A woman was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after police say she exited her vehicle that was traveling at approximately 60 mph.

Destinations For History Buffs. Latest Sports News Darby Has Impressive Debut, Eagles Beat Bills Of mansion online casino the high-profile players making debuts in a new uniform, Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby was most impressive.

Tailgating Season Has Begun For Eagles Fans For some, tailgating is a time to enjoy the company friends. Showtime Sports GM Stephen Espinoza Discusses Mayweather-McGregor Fight With the Mayweather-McGregor fight right around the corner, Showtime Sports GM Stephen Espinoza talks about how it all came together.

What To Look For In Eagles Vs. Bills KYW's Matt Leon spoke with Sportsradio 94WIP's Ray Didinger. If You Aren't Playing Fantasy Baseball, You're Missing Out Fantasy baseball isn't as popular as its football sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania. Fans are missing out.

Play Taste With Tori: The Dangers Of Viewing Solar Eclipse Without Special Glasses Doctors warn about the dangers of the upcoming sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania eclipse. Valley Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania National Historical Park There are so many layers of history at Valley Forge National Historical Park, and living history volunteers help the past come to life.

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CBS 3CBS 3 joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Philadelphia to give you the best Philly has to offer. CBS 3 is part of CBS Television.

Nothing's better than stumbling upon a restaurant or bar that you didn't know existed. In this case, we're talkin' casino, and back a few years ago, my buddies and I headed to Yards Brewing Co. Flash forward to last weekend and Sugar House Casino was in full swing. It wasn't necessarily that feeling of elation by the end of our visit. From the outside, SHC looks like a full fledged casino, and truthfully, there's nothing to say it isn't. Inside finishes off that feeling with tons of slots, table games, a poker room, food court, bars, and a little flare in theming to make it a casino of modern charm Sugar House seems to let the smoke fly pretty freely throughout the casino.

Yes, there are some machines and signs and so on to help lessen the stench, but it's prevalent as the first and last odor sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania passes through your nostrils. Beyond that, the staff wasn't the most respectable as security gave my friend a hard time with his license, joking about how the pic looked nothing like him. They were having a good laugh while we stood there waiting for us to sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania the "A-OK" to finally enter.

Annoying to say the least. Once inside and through the veils of smoke, the slots were where we "deposited" our money. This wasn't a trip meant for gambling so we didn't let the dollars fly, but I had an itchy trigger finger after finding some slot machines I had previously played on a cruise ship. Despite having luck on the boat, these machines didn't turn out the same results. Table games were busy and I wasn't feeling visit web page minimums so that summed up our gambling experience.

This Casino is a little better than that. It's a sufficient place to stop if you're killing a little time in Philadelphia. Though, with its questionable employees, smoky interior, and subpar winnings, it's not meant for much more. Fast service at Geno's. Decent selection of table games.

I can only speak about Craps, which is generally supposed to be a fast game. These tables were generally very slow moving, and although a lot has to do with players and late bets, my impression was that the dealers did not exercise discipline at the tables. The hop bets, which are extra side bets not typical in Craps, generally slows down the game further. But, the casinos probably make a lot of extra money off of them.

So, the incentive is for this casino to keep these bets available. The cashier line is prone to abuse. It could use better organization. When I was in line, with other people, somebody cut and went straight to the cashier.

The cashier told this guest she needed to go to the back of the line; the guest refused. And the cashier still served her! When I asked her why she still served her, the cashier said that they could not get into altercations with guests. I explained to her that in appeasing the person that cut, she upset more guests that were waiting in line.

She said she could not do anything. I waited for the manager but that person did not come. I was called a racial epithet here by members of the staff. Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania was an uncomfortable experience with several of the patrons here as well. In other news, the crust on their pizzas is actually quite good.

But the sauce on my basil what's its name was kind of amateur. Better to just get some canned sauce. The meat at the steak sandwich place was purple. Do you enjoy choking on plumes of cigar smoke and stale nicotine?

Then you'll LOVE SugarHouse Casino! One visit left me worried I'm going to develop lung cancer. Not only that, but my ID card for the slot machines kept breaking repeatedly.

No matter what I did, certain machines simply refused to read my card! The rewards desk goofed and didn't properly transfer all sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania my free credits onto my card, so I had to venture back into full-blown sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania territory to get them to fix it No idea why people are lighting up in the non-smoking area when over half the place is for smokers.

There was even someone puffing away by the bathrooms at the front. Don't waste your money Rough casino A ton of smoke Drink service is less than decent Rewards program I went yesterday I saw the commercial I thought maybe you cleaned that casino up. Nope still the same old dump. A worker at learn more here was in a fight with a customer I assumed that started yelling at me.

The worker said this just happens. Lol I am sure it does all the time. It has to be the trashiest casino ever and I have been to some but ones. The Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia is one of the worst casinos to visit and play.

They take your money no sooner then you get there They very rarely let you get bonus games The machines pay out pennies even when you play the max. Http:// have been operating like this for weeks, now. Stay out of this casino They are robbing us blind!!! Don't keep being a fool!!!! Went out to celebrate, my friend just sold her house cutting ties with her ex sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania, and there was some fun to be had last night!

I 888 casino telefono Sugarhouse thinking it would be like the Borgata where my husband and I went last summer to see a comedy show and do a little slot gambling, the Borgata is a seriously crazy place. I'm not a gambler but it's a fun random thing to do. Sugarhouse was sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania sad and pathetic, there was no glam mixed with the senior gamblers, like at the Borgata.

Sugarhouse was filled with 70 year old drunks and a handful of frat boys. It was diverse in race so that's why I generously gave 1 star. We got drinks at the bar before we dove in to the gambling. Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania drinks were seriously high alcohol levels and tasted NASTY! Tried our hand at the blackjack table first, then moved on to a few different slot machines Chatted with a few different people, all regulars, one lady had a good tip for us, if you're winning in the slots: That was good advice and helped regain some loss.

Well Sugarhouse was sure an experience, unfortunately not a good one. Oh I forgot to mention the place was so smokey go here cigarette smoke we were coughing a lot and had scratchy throats by the time we left, when we got home had to throw all of our clothes in the laundry because they stank. I can't wait to go back, just kidding. Got 4 free drinks 2 of which weren't very watered down in 2 hours.

Came out ahead after buying a bunch of food and paying for a beer. Plenty of slot choices. I vape, so the smoking everywhere was a GOOD thing to me. Plenty of table games. Crowd was your typical crowd. Good food choices even if they underwhelmed - see other reviews. What's not to like about this place? Easy to get to, safe environment, not too crowdedand parking is free.

A little less smoke would make it better, but still a great sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania This place was a true smokefest!! So I haven't been to the Sugar house casino since sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania first opened up awhile back and boy has it changed!! The outside appearance looks bright and very colorful plus they offer plenty of parking, however once you enter it's like walking into the cigarette zone all over.

I don't even think they had a section for non smokers. The overall place was clean and it offered sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania variety of slot machines and places to eat!

It's rather small compared to Harrah's and Parx but it doesn't take away from possibly having a good sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania if you can handle the smoke. I please click for source here yesterday for sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania and I liked that the casino gave me Overall ehh it's just ok!!

What a difference a year makes! A year ago I wrote a 1 star review of sugarhouse. Now that I've visited after the expansion they are up to 4 stars! The expansion has brought in a new crop of outstanding food options, along with increasing the size of the gaming floor. No more standing sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania waiting for a free machine. Hugos is a top of the line steakhouse, tacconellis is outstanding pizza, and genos is an authentic south philly cheesesteak.

There is also an event center that features concerts, boxing, and comedy. Philly see more has a real casino! The concert lineup does need some work, so there is room for improvement.

Plus there is the added bonus of expanded free parking, which can be sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania to take in a comedy show at punchline, see a concert sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania Fillmore, or go bowling at Revolutions after a trip to sugarhouse. All three of those venues are basically across the street from sugarhouse. I have been in Vegas and Atlantic City. I have been in different casinos. Sugar house is the far worse one when you compare with others.

First it is not classy at all. Second security at the entance is very rude. They recently added a new extension to the sugar house. There is a big rumor that they did not pay learn more here contractors. Their food court is not bad but it is not covering up. I used to live in Philadelphia; however, on Sunday, September 11th was the first time I truly visited and took advantage of this casino, when I was returning to the city as a visitor.

We had an amazing experience. I now live in Los Angeles, just a short 4 hour drive to Las Vegas. We head sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania to Las Vegas about times per year and enjoy gaming at most properties on and off the strip.

Sugarhouse is definitely comparable to some of it's Vegas counterparts. It has a huge selection of slots and table games I mainly come for the slots.

It's decor is beautiful and the casino overall sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania very classy. It has plenty of food options and the service that was provided to us at the players club booth was excellent and friendly. The complaints I see in other people's reviews, I personally do not hold much merit. They are complaints like "I am not winning". People the point of a casino is entertainment. You cannot always come out ahead. Bet cricket is like playing the lottery.

You do it for entertainment, but just a few people will win. Other complaints I see are about beverage service. Beverage service is always something that can be improved, and yes, they could get better at that. However, honestly, it is the seem in almost every casino I have ever visited. Overall, I rank Sugarhouse highly, and would definitely return again. Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania came with some friends and like always, I'm the only one carded.

So the female security guard holds my drivers license up and bends sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania back and forth and finally scans it, then I'm allowed in.

I'm way past 21 and for some reason, I have sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania issue every time I try to go here a casino.

It makes for a very unenjoyable time, especially when I have no idea who has access to my ID info sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania it's scanned. One of my biggest pet peeves. First we placed bets with my friends' money and left the table while we were still up. My friend left one of her chips on the table and this sleezy girl tried to snatch it claiming it was hers! The employee running the table called to us and we got it, but the girl insisted it was hers since my friend had left it and it was hers now and tried to grab it again!

The employee took it off the table just in sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania Not too shabby for free! Thanks for the free pizza Sugarhouse, but I don't know if I'd return! I had low expectations based on the past reviews, but my experience at SugarHouse was decent.

There's casino decorations cheap abundance of table games throughout the casino -- you'll always find a spot because at some points, we were the only ones playing sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania the table. There's a ton sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania slot machines as well.

This casino is literally located right in the city ~15 minute cab ride from the city center. The casino allows smoking, but is ventilated well so I didn't smell like an ashtray walking outside. Cocktail waitresses are scare -- I only saw two sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania the few hours that we were there.

There's a long line of cabs outside to take whenever you're ready to leave. My mom and I usually play here at least once read article month and we come for the enjoyment and the penny machines that we like. I can honestly say that I've never experienced any racism or felt ockward in the casino or felt less than. Well I was really annoyed by what my mother said happened to her.

She said she casino bonus codes 2016 sitting at a machine and two white gentleman in suites security guards were in conversation a few steps away from her. She was trying to get his attention because she had a problem. Well he snapped at her so loud and embarrassed her and said "Don't you see me talking to somebody lady" the older white male said this, as there continue reading people around and it just wasn't called for, for him to be so rude.

He was so rude and ignorant that another security guard that heard and saw how nasty he was, rushed over to my mother and apologized for his behavior. I had been waiting for Sugahouse to send sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania a survey to say something about this, but of course when you want something to happen it usually doesn't. This occurred early morning of May 6th, If this guy can't or doesn't like working with the public, then he's in the wrong business. I also agree with another patron that this place is like a smoke house.

Everyone smokes, and I'd say y'all cater to people who smoke because even the waiters, the security all walk by in nonsmoking sections, smell smoke and say nothing. Then y'all moved all of the Hot Pennie Machines to the smoking section.

I'd love to know who's idea that was. Not my favorite casino in comparison to the ones in the Philly area. Over the years, I've Untersuchungen rainbow riches free spins Gesicht it to be way too small, long waits for drinks at the slots and the bar, dirty bathrooms and unfriendly staff.

However, they've made some major improvements and from the looks of it things are looking up! They've added Geno's Steaks in the back, a mini version. Some sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania of bar and Grill. And expanded the casino with way more slots and tables. I may return when I'm in the area. Me and my wife have been coming to Sugarhouse for over 5 years and will no longer be coming due to the management totally blindsiding its loyal "customers".

The renamed "Fishtown Hops casino rama rewards will be a total flop. For people that dont know they removed the video poker machines see more the back bar with a post it note type of letter saying that the machines were being removed at the beginning of MAY It seems like the casino thought that the back bar was costing money with free drinks but with that gone the casino sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania lose profits from the slots and less people will come.

Talking to other loyal customers such as myself all the opinions are negative about the rebranding. Should have been thought out more as the drink services on the floor is very slow. Drink service is non-existant at any of the video slots on the floor. We have always had a good time at Sugarhouse but this different way the casino is going will not sustain.

WILL This was only my second time at Sugar House the first time being the grand opening some many years ago. I am no gambler but sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania through the casino to get to my Yelp Event I have to say the place was packed for a Thursday night especially the tables.

And it looks like they have a wide variety of slots as well. The staff was super friendly too but I was surprised to see that people were smoking. I thought at this point smoking indoors anywhere other than a private residence was illegal. I don't think even if I was in an unprecedented gambling mood that I could tolerate being there that long with all the smoke. Luckily our event was in a private section way in the back otherwise no can do. SugarHouse Casino Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

First off if you give a mediocre review on fb you will be blocked that says alot right there. The Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia is one of the worst casinos to visit and  play. Don't  keep being a fool!!!! A little less smoke would make it better, but still a great place. This place was a true smokefest!!

It's rather small compared to Harrah's and Parx but it doesn't take away from possibly having a good time  if you can handle the smoke. Well I was really annoyed  by what my mother said happened to her. She said she was sitting at a machine and two white gentleman in suites security guards were in conversation  a few steps away from sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania. I had been waiting for Sugahouse to send me a survey to say something about this,  but of course when you want something to happen it usually doesn't.

This was only my second time at Sugar House the first time being the grand opening some many years ago. SugarHouse, which opened in September as Philly's casino, pays homage to the city's rich history on the site of the former Jack Frost Sugar Refinery along the Delaware River with beautiful waterfront views.

With 1, slots, up to table games, fun and unique dining options and free on-site parking, the casino welcomes more than 2 million visitors a year who enjoy around-the-clock fun. Sit down to a great meal at The Refinery Restaurant or enjoy live sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania every Friday and Saturday on the waterfront. Skip to Search Form qqqqtru Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp. Sign Up Log In.

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Edit N Delaware Ave Philadelphia, PA Fishtown. Send to your Phone. Photo of SugarHouse Casino - Philadelphia, PA, United States. FREE Sugar Express Trolley. The Best Casino Promotions in Philadelphia! Recommended Reviews for SugarHouse Casino. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania their reviews.

Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! Free parking is definitely a plus, but that only goes so far. They do a decent job in trying to dial the style up an extra notch. Giant rooster statue near the Asian games area. From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Glen Burnie, MD 0 friends 3 reviews.

Stop following Robert H. Cupertino, CA casino no deposit what you win usa friends reviews 3 photos. Stop following Steven L. Comment from Natalie K. Stop following Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania R. Philadelphia, PA 50 friends 57 reviews 4 photos. Feasterville-Trevose, PA 4 friends 1 review. Stop following Bonnie B. Was this review …?

Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Stop following Patricia H. Alexandria, VA 26 friends 75 reviews. Stop following Andrew M. Philadelphia, PA 0 friends 12 reviews. Stop sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania Jenaya P. Useful 1 Funny 2 Cool Others will see how you vote! Stop following H Turgut G.

Bear, DE 0 friends 3 reviews. Stop following LaToya W. Drexel Hill, PA 0 sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania 4 reviews. Page 1 of Today Open 24 hours Open now.

Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Open now Sat Open 24 Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info.

More business info Good for Kids No. This business is a Yelp advertiser. SugarHouse Casino also recommends. BarsAmerican New. Lists including SugarHouse Casino. Other Casinos Nearby Sugarhouse casino philadelphia pennsylvania more Casinos near SugarHouse Casino.

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Gold Bars 7's Slot Machine! $$$ Jackpot! SugarHouse Casino! Philadelphia, PA $$$

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