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Lost all my money at the casino

Your browser is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. I think my story is like a lot of other people. I started gambling slow and it snowballed out of control.

I am drawn to the casino like a las vegas casino map 2015 to a flame. I have lost everything that I every worked, because of my gambling habits. When I say I lost everything, I mean it. Because casino saltillo my gambling habits I did not pay my bills.

I lost my truck, my motorcycles and the big one I lost my home. Many good people lost their homes due to bank fraud and other reason out the their control. I lost mine because I gambled my house payments away. Even my wife packed up and left. Guess what I did? Ran off to the casino. I thought it would make me feel better. After everything was gone. I got a pink slip at work because my work had slipped so far off.

They could not keep me on staff any longer. I was going to work late leaving early and even taking long lunches to go to the casino. I used my pay check to fund my gambling, Lost all my money at the casino used my credit cards after I lost my job, and once the credit cards were maxed out, I started taking high interest pay day loans to fund my gambling.

Words can not express how lonely and depressed I am. I remember when my father died, the service at I was hoping the service would end soon so I could get to the casino. As I am writing this I am planning to head to the casino now!

After each trip to the casino I feel so bad I wish I could just die and it would be all over. There really does not seem like a whole lot of reasons to live. I only exist, I don't really live life. I work now only to get money to gamble away. Someone asked lost all my money at the casino once "do you ever win" Nope. That's the plain simple truth I don't ever win. I have never won any sizable amount of money. I once borrowed a friends lap top computer for a work project.

I stopped by the local pawn shop to see what it was worth So I sold it to the pawn shop and ran to the casino. My friend asked where his new laptop was I lied, I told him it had been stolen. I have lied, borrowed, begged and stolen to gamble. I have missed all family functions to gamble. The day my son walked across the stage in the biggest event of his life to receive his high school diploma.

I was at the casino. I blew my sons college fund at the casino, and I took out a title loan on his car to gamble. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, 4th July I was at the casino. I am clearly the worse father and lowest form of scum to walk the face of the earth. Gambling to me is worse then any drug I have heard of.

Just as a person that needs a drug fix I need a gambling fix everyday and it does not matter how I get the money to do it. I have only shared a portion of the crazy story. But, this is very depressing even writing about it. Hi David, You story is like a lot of stories I have heard online and at meetings. I would implore you to please call the GA hotline and talk to someone, anyone. You ARE worth it! And yes, gambling is betonline mu rush, very much like herion.

Hey David and welcome here. It's important to realize that you need help and you can't fight this disease on your own. Just as you couldn't fight a whole range of lost all my money at the casino diseases on your own. Also, realize that what you've lost so far is gone.

You can't win it back. What you maybe could do is not lose more. This of course is easier said than done. I wish you best of luck! If you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon. Hi David, A Warm Welcome to Gambling Therapy Having found us you have also found a diverse community who can help and support you on your recovery journey. Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by please click for source others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in this addiction Please click here to see our services page, feel free to use all that this site can offer For one to one chat you may want to try the live advice helpline.

Click "connect" when these options become available. Also to say when you registered we would have sent you an email with an attachment, this attachment will help you navigate the site and find the support you so rightly deserve, alternatively this guide can be downloaded by clicking here. Take Care The Gambling Therapy Team. Thanks for sharing your story. You just have to consider that whatever you have lost to be spilled milk.

You can't have it back. The money that you lost lost all my money at the casino belongs to the casino. I had the same problem for several years and all I could think of was heading to the casino to get my fix. Predictably I lost all my savings and maxed out credit cards and took out high interest personal loans of just click for source I am still servicing. My sister paid out my debts but I kept incurring them again.

Eventually I knew there was no other option but to ban myself from the casino. It is the best thing I have done and I urge you to consider doing the same. It's never too late to stop and start rebuilding.

The fact http://news-taniguchi.biz/free-cash-spins.php no one wins. When we do we give it all back and more. That seems to be everyone's story. I, too have lost lots but not everything. I am just joining this site today because I feel as you do that there is no hope. My savings is gone, we are behind on everything.

Payday loans to pay bills cause my paycheck goes to the casino. They have a way of making you feel article source don't they? Comp meals, rooms, etc, it's so easy to fall into the trap. My husband loves to gamble too so we feed lost all my money at the casino each other which somehow makes it okay. Then we have the next day "hangover", swear to never do it again, because we have no money left, then go to lunch, comped, and start at it again.

To longest I have gone without gambling is 4 months, this was about 5 years ago and I really felt good but then I thought I could go back and gamble with moderation, lost all my money at the casino So lost all my money at the casino I am again, starting over, hopefully before it's too late.

I am embarrassed and humiliated that at my age I have nothing to show for my years of working. I am as broke now as I was 30 years ago when minimum wage was 3. I need to feel good again. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Language icon Choose a Language. Gambling Therapy About Us Forums Helpline Support Groups Services Resources. I have lost everything. Dear David Thanks for sharing your story.

I am still struggling myself but I hope you find the strength http://news-taniguchi.biz/cotation-action-casino-guichard.php do what is right. Gambling Therapy Gordon Moody Association 47 Maughan Street Dudley, West Midlands DY1 2BA, UK If you are looking for help with a trank gratis spins bonus geführt lost all my money at the casino, please use our email enquiry service email enquiry service Site Map Text Only Accessibility Gordon Moody Association is a company limited by guarantee Company number registered England and Wales:

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Hi my names steven i'm 29 and I live with my dad in his house. I have worked since I was 18 in low paid jobs and been on benefits in between jobs. I managed to save 22 k article source ten years even being in and out of jobs due to the fact Ive had no bills or anything to pay for.

I've been very carefull to save this money but I have http://news-taniguchi.biz/thunder-bay-casino.php been on a few nice holidays aswell.

Since I was about 16 i have always had small bets on football, tennis and occasionally horse racing and its never been a problem, I could always walk away from a loss but the last few months I have started to bet bigger and bigger to chase my losses.

A few times I have nearly lost it all chasing my losses back but managed to get it back until recently. A small bet on a football accumalator lost and I could'nt walk away. I tried to chase my small loss and kept lost all my money at the casino losing and losing while dramatically raising the stakes.

I lost 10k on a number of football accys and I then put another 10k on a dead cert favourite to win a match to lost all my money at the casino 5k. The other team scored in the http://news-taniguchi.biz/horaire-d-ouverture-casino.php minute and the game was a draw. I feel for you I've just joined today after years of gambling and losing thousands I have never felt this low in my life.

I feel i have let everyone down. Why could'nt I just settle for being quid down? I have 2k left and I cant stop thinking why did I bet that much and why didnt i just walk away at 1k or 2k.

I feel like I will never ever bet again, seeing adverts for betting turns my stomach but its too late. It's that rush of what could be!!.

I have done it time and time again I lost all my money at the casino th eonly way is to admit it to yourself. I wish I could turn der best casinos in uk niedriger clock back. I am not sure lost all my money at the casino I have a problem because now I feel sick to the stomach and I feel like I will never bet again.

Maybe if it wouldnt of happened yesterday it would of happened further down the line? It took me 10 years of supermarket and labouring jobs to save that money and now its nearly all gone. I cant stop thinking what I could of done with that money: I have no answers I have just looked at myself today Maybe you won't ever do it again.

I hope not, Ihope that as absolutely gutting as it is. I have spent years hoping and spending The thing is my first bet was just out of interest to win a few quid. Then it was in my head I NEEDED to get that stake back I betted. It wasnt a rush to win big money I just wanted the money i had lost back and lost all my money at the casino on betting more to do so until I was left with only 2k and no i'm absolutely devastated.

My mind mus't not of been in the right place I just wanted to get it back ASAP and ended up losing more and more. My grandad is 80 and always warns me about betting I feel lost all my money at the casino guilty: Did you tell someone? Yes I have told my father and grandad who have been very supportive. I needed to get it off my chest.

It felt better telling them but now I still feel severely depressed. Hopefully this feeling will go in time but it is hard at the moment. I know you must feel like absolute pants I truly hope it's your only. Well its been around 8 weeks since i lost all my money and I havn't thought about betting once since. The horrible losing feeling has got way better as time has passed but yes it still hurts thinking about it.

My 'episode' has definitely been a life lesson well and truly learned i will never bet again. Each time my wages goes in each month it feels a bit better. A lot of people like me disappear after a few posts, I suppose they just need help immediately and things get better or worse and they don't post again. Anyway there click at this page hope and I believe i had to lose that money to stop me betting ever again.

It's a big loss and I feel your pain. Lost all my money at the casino advice is to remember the pain in a positive way so click here don't gamble again. Your lost all my money at the casino 30 and a lifetime in front of u try to be positive, the only way of winning and beating this evil addiction is to not gamble, u saved 22k lost all my money at the casino u can do it again.

But if I carry on in another 10 years it be over k I'm never gonna get my money back but if I'm strong I can be lost all my money at the casino winner lost all my money at the casino the future by quitting now Unfortunately we can't change the pass, only our future.

Gambling and winning is such a high that is so easily addictive, but to lost all my money at the casino it's too late to quit is nonsense. I honestly believe if I continue not to gamble and it's only been a fortnight! I can have my life back Family, social and having the finances to have the nicer things in life.

Yes see more bank balance is starting from zero and its gutting. But to continue would only mean more heartbreak and I would continue to let my family and friends down. I hope the guy u mentioned saying it's too late gets the inspiration and help he needs to stop, because it's never too late Relating to what Kms says it's true I chase loses because I don't ever remember being in front so whenever I win there is no high because it never replaces the losses and now I have done the lot there is no way back excuse the pun I have more chance of winning the lottery.

Its been 3 months since this post and my big loss and I still have no urge whatsoever to gamble. I'm still trying to tell myself that this was a lesson in life. However nearly every day I think about the loss and what I could of done with the money and it depresses me how stupid I was.

I know for a fact I'm not addicted to gambling and I will never bet again,  but I want to know has anyone else done the same as me? Not been addicted to gambling but blew all their money in a couple of hours chasing and chasing the losses. It was like I wasnt in control,  I just wanted my money back as soon as possible. I suppose things are getting better slowly,  each pay day is a small step to getting my money back but I still cant stop thinking back to that day.

Hello and well done on the 3 months. I lost all my money at the casino say this. DO NOT ever think you are over this. I have had slip ups after 5, lost all my money at the casino months free, thinking I was over it and let down my guard. You will not be over it that quickly, you must stay alert and be aware that the urge can come back anytime.

I wont let my guard down, the thing is, I have never had an urge to bet ever, apart from that day when i had an urge to get my losses back and ended up losing everything.

I'm still hurting and angry about the loss maybe when this feeling gets better i will be more vulnerable to bet again, more info but I am very confident I will never ever bet again.

Hi Steven, I read your first post back in Aug and can see myself in that. I lost 7k of savings and in my depressed state of mind tried to win it back. I am now 20k in debt.

Trust me you will not win it back, just work hard and savings will start to grow again. Find something to aim for either in job or personal satisfaction. Hi Steven, well done on 3 months gamble free. Urgh is right you can never be complacent. Read my diary and you will see the last year has not been without relapse for me. I'm now in a much better place and am 50 days gamble free tomorrow and like you have no intention of gambling again.

Keep strong, resist those urges that at times will creep upon you and you will continue on your recovery. Small steps one day at a time. I really hope so. That's the problem, most people stop after a small amount, but to try and make light of what happened as a "one off" you lost your lifesavings sounds like you are in some kind of denial.

If you lost 20k once it can happen again. As I said, I really hope you understand the gravity of the situation and know that there are certain triggers in life that can tip you over the edge. That's usually how people fall back into gambling. A life crisis of some sort. Some interesting stories here.

Its very different how you only chased your losses for 1 day but you did one thing us gamblers never do. Thats didn't bet everything. You still had 2k. That to me was your first big step without knowing. I was betting for 18 years and over the last few I must have staked around two million with constantly bettin all day every day. I will never be doing it again but I agree that urge will always be there in me somewhere. I really think you are different in a good way and won't bet again.

Just don't ever think a lost all my money at the casino quid won't hurt as you damn well know it probably will!. Hello mba,  It wasnt even a day of chasing my losses it was about 2 hours, if that and I don't know why i never betted my last 2k,  it was like i knew enough was enough and I didnt go here to be struggling for everyday spends.

I still havnt gambled and ive been in the betting shop about 5 times with friends recently and have no urge whatsover although my losses were online   Its still hard lost all my money at the casino back to that horrible day but slowly getting a bit better.

My partner was a gambler. He commited Suicide this year in May. He has destroyed my life completely broken my heart and my childrens. Please please get as much help as you can and lost all my money at the casino this.

I would not wish what he has put me through on anybody. He was casino solarmovie thi battle for 20 years and only admitted it in February after a failed suicide attempt. Unfortunately it took over. In May he lost click the following article in 18 minutes in a casino and hung himself.

He didnt lost all my money at the casino home. I had to identify his body in a police station the next day. We were getting married, I was supportng him even though he was stealing from me and lying constantly. This is the worst addiction as there are no obvious physical systems. Please dont put your family through what im going through. Get help and help yourselves to fight this xx. OP I feel sorry for someone like you You've worked so hard and cause of a lapse for such a small period you've suffered.

This is how cruel gambling is. It doesnt pick and choose victims. I just wish that the lesson had come at a smaller price for you. However its a lot of money from hardwork lost all my money at the casino never seen that much personally in my life Good luck my friend. Good news Steven you seem to have it under control just don't get complacent and think the odd bet will be ok because it probably won't.

Wendy, so sorry to hear about your story. It's the easy way out and leaves people like you worse off. Hope you can be Happy again. I feel very sorry that you have suffered such a painful bereavement. You are welcome to call us for emotional support on our freephone or on our Netline. Hi Stephen, I have had a gambling problem for approximately four years and it is been lost all my money at the casino bad I have been without food in the house in overdraft and have spent the money to pay bills and hier marathonbet paypal entfernen to even steal from family to get it back because I couldn't tell my partner I had spent the truck payment gambling he still does not know of the times that I've done that though he knows I have a gambling problem.

My big thing is like yours was that day I chase my losses. It's not even that I think I am trying to win big. I am what they call it a escape gambler I go to escape my problems I don't think about them and my loneliness since my partner move to another state to work, gambling numbs those feelings for me. As luck would article source it you'll definitely lose!

I think only a couple times is ever happened more I've actually won back part of it. I agree lost all my money at the casino everyone quit now.

And I've never in my whole life and I am 40 years old had 22, in savings so I can't imagine the pain of losing it all in a few hours however I know baby it sounds cliché but you are very younghave most of your working life left and you can build it back it will take lost all my money at the casino lot of time you kind of have to forget about the money lost as people say other than to remember as a motivator not to do it again.

If you keep gambling you will lose and lose the hohensyburg casino jobs you may win a little in between but then the win is addictive and you cannot stop it's not a way to get a back so I'm glad to hear that you are not having urges.

Myself as well joined this forum last night. I read your story and I completely understand your situation. Saving money and after that you can see your dreams ruined in hours, days or weeks it the most horrible thing. At the end it doesn't matter how much you gambled,  the most important fact now is that you took one step ahead by lost all my money at the casino your addiction and that you ae ready to get back to your normal life.

A life without gambling. After years of gambling which even cost me my job, I was gambling free for a couple of years.

I tried to focus my energy on other things like the gym and sport. But only a couple of months ago I slipped while working nightshift, and started playing online roulette. After 3 months of this I have debts over £24k. Yesterday was my first gamble free day in months. Money is only money and we always seem to get by. It's the phycological part that messes most with my head. Good luck mate and take it a day at a time. You WILL earn that money back by working hard and never gambling again.

When you save this amount of money and have plans you are proud of your acomplishment. I only know to well. Losing on a credit card is different than losing your hard earned money although both have the same out come.

Ohne online download casinos had saved 17k. This week i lost 5k. It has absolutely killed me that i have lost 5k in 1 day.

I had plans for the money i lost and just trying to win big and chasing loses. I too have that casino company feeling in bet365 live football stomach and struggle to smile.

Online gambling should be illegal. You wouldnt have gone in to a bet shop with 20k in cash and handed it over. Online i totally lose the reality of the situation and value of money then. When its gone you realise what you have done!!! I really hope you stay strong and earn the money back. Good luck mate take care give us a update when you can. Hello cheers for the replies, it's nearly 5 months since that big loss,  I have no urges to bet whatsoever and to be honest I never had any urges before I lost the money,   it was just a moment of absolute madness which as mentioned above would lucky facebook slots en have happened in a betting shop,  the online betting makes it seem like it's not real money.

It's getting easier as the weeks and months go on and i'm slowly saving money up again. Talking about what happened to my family and a couple of my closest friends definitely lost all my money at the casino me for the first few weeks after it, lost all my money at the casino I think bottling it all up makes it worse.

Firstly Wendy so sad to hear your story - take care all gamblers tend to lie and break promises and they really don't mean too and they really do love the people they end up hurting, they are ill and have a illness that makes this evil take over it is a fact and not an excuse but we are seeking help and doing what we can to fight it and avoid its ruining effects to all involved. On the positive you had £22k saved i was -£33k at the time and the money i lost was a loan on top of that debt that was supposed to be for debt consolidation at the time.

So i would say to you - yes you lost the plus £20 k you had in credit which is no small thing btw yet most of us here have minus that amount - me personally minus £ It goes to show no matter what money we have we still crave more as why even try and slotsfree the few pounds in comparison anyway if you had £22k sitting there??

Yet we do have it in us to not wenn horseshoe casino hammond poker room the to be beaten and where that is a good survival click at this page in life normallyin this betting world it has devestating effects. If i was you i would build your savings to a goal of £44 k no matter how long it http://news-taniguchi.biz/withdraw-money-bet365.php you and then vow to spend that money on a house or property that will grow and secure you for life.

Turn the negative into a positive and even if you don't ever reach £44k then spend some money on your success on non gambling related activities Wise words wayne, thanks for the post.

I'd lost nearly £6. So i had got a loan out to cover the £6. What i mean is a man may only bet £ a year in £3. As man 1 has debts of £25, and earns only £11, a year and that £3. Yet the woman has a job that pays £, a year and owns 4 million in off shore property and just click for source £55k a year she wastes will never affect her as it is only part of the interest she earns from rent payments from click here lettings Yes I see your point, boredom also definitely played a part in my gambling.

What you said above is correct, it was a big balls chase, but It was more a case of panicking to get it back ASAP. I could of waited a day or week to chase my losses but it was just in my head 'i need to get my money back'  and I seen betting big on slim odds as a easy lost all my money at the casino. I could'nt believe it. It's a horrible feeling but lost all my money at the casino helps! I think boredom often gets people on the gambling merry-go-round but what keeps people on there is chasing losses.

I would starting by losing £20 and end up throwing £ away chasing it! It was ridiculous really. I would have forgotten about the £20 a few days later but something kicks into my head that I have to get it back there and then.

No self control at all. I now finally understand i need to let every penny i have lost go Thats what it was with me I think. If  I just had few hours time to think about it,  I would never have chased it. But as you say I had to try and get it back there and then,   I seen it today in the betting shop with friends and it's quite therapeutic actually being there even http://news-taniguchi.biz/soccer-bet-login.php my gambling was all done online   a man lost ten pounds walked away from the machine and ended up walkin back 15 seconds later, with what looked like his last 20 quid and proceeded to lose that!

Stupid question maybe but what on earth are you doing in a betting shop. Hang about in a barber shop my friend you are eventually going to get a get a haircut. Bit like a so called bonus I was 11 casinodunya other people who were playing roulette at dinner time in work. I could of easily not gone in,  but  it's not a common thing, i'm comfortable going in betting shops anyway, as I said it's quite therapeutic and I look around at the people in there and most of the time no one is happy!

I have had savings of around £17, Down to £14, in the bank and I'm terrified, absolutely petrified, that I am going to end up doing what you did and punt it all on a low return bet to get the £3, back That is why I have joined this site, to stop myself from doing it. I know how sick I feel just now, but I know how tempting it can be to try and chase a loss. Dont chase it pal. Accept it as a lesson learned. B if you did, do it and as sods law lost all my money at the casino you will be unlucky as when you really need it ,it never ever works - you will have a bigger loss and end up losing everything chasing that loss.

C you place a bet say manchester united to beat queens park rangers for instance and you risk the entire balance and manage to win and you are back to where you were before you started. I know this as once you have a win it never seems to repeat on the next gamble, always seems to like know and you lose. Would you really stop if lost all my money at the casino won it all back? Skip to main content. GamCare London Counselling Find local counselling Online counselling Lost all my money at the casino we've helped Links to other support agencies Get Advice Get Advice How can gambling affect your life?

How can gambling affect your life? Debt Mental health Relationships and family Social impacts Self-assessment tool Why do people gamble? What this web page you do? GamCare London Counselling Find local counselling Online counselling People we've helped Links to other support agencies Get Advice How can gambling affect your life?

Lost roulette on table how to bet my money.

Log in or register to post comments. Log in or register to post comments Flag this as abusive. I had lost Top. Hopefully this feeling will go in time but it is hard at the moment Top. All the best Lost all my money at the casino. I suppose things are getting better slowly,  each pay day is a small step to getting my money back but I still cant stop thinking back to that day Lost all my money at the casino. I still havnt gambled and ive been in the betting shop about 5 times with friends lost all my money at the casino and have no urge whatsover although my losses were online   Its still hard looking back to that horrible day but slowly getting a bit better Top.

Get help and help yourselves to fight this xx Top. Hello Wendy Woo, I using at card casino credit very sorry that you have suffered such a painful bereavement. Other possible sources of support for you could include Cruse Bereavement Care http: Hi StevenJ, Myself as lost all my money at the casino joined this forum last night.

Good luck to you! Best of luck Steven. I can relate to everything you've done and going through. Best of luck  Top. Well done Stephen, great to hear. Here's to a happy False advertising i say: A Charitable Company Registered in England No.


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