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URComped helps players receive the best offers, comps and VIP service possible at casinos and cruise lines around the world. Please enable JavaScript in your browser! Home Facilities Emerald Princess II Casino Cruises Reviews Reviews Write a Review! Emerald Princess II Casino Cruises Brunswick, Georgia. I went a while back but it was a great time.

Good lunch and had many options for the slot machines. Emerald Princess II Casino Cruises. Feeling cheated because I lost several spins prior and him not mentioning a cap until I won. It provides a good and smooth way to enjoy your time while playing some games.

Old machines, emerald princess casino reviews they do have table games. Not a luxury cruise, but ok if you are in emerald princess casino reviews area. HOWEVER, WHAT WE FOUND WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. THE FOOD WAS FINE! THE BOAT INSIDE DID Emerald princess casino reviews SMELL LIKE AN ASHTRAY! WE ARE GOING BACK. Food was the best part of the trip. However, it is way too smoky for non smokers to actually enjoy themselves. Either make designated smoking sections or outside deck for smoking or get better ventilation for comfort of all passengers.

A lot emerald princess casino reviews people got sea sick and it took staff quite a while to clean it up. I suggest having a store to Tylenol or emerald princess casino reviews sickness meds for purchase. An amazing experience for the first time, it was my birthday ; everyone on the crew really made my night as wonderful as your beautiful boat ; the food was GD and the music entertainer guy was the life of the boat I will most definitely be bk soon.

On Emerald princess casino reviews 14, i decided to take my guest down to the casino for a day of fun. Wrong i should have drove to Emerald princess casino reviews or even Savannah for the day. The casino had a better choice of food, click here was offered to guest. Normally when the ship is docked machines are lit up but for some reason no machines was lit up untill we was out to the internatioal waters in which at that time i noticed no machines under a quarter worked the crew was running around putting out of orders signs on the penny machines machines had call attendant on them as i asked why no one emerald princess casino reviews working to fix the machine i was sitting at i was told i only work here one day a week and they have no tech to emerald princess casino reviews on them.

Shame on you guys But, don't cut your machines off to force your guest to pay double for your prime rib and your small giveways. Your cash cage is a joke 25 customers in line one window open one associate working.

I asked a member of management why only one window open with one associate his reply was we didnt emerald princess casino reviews they was gonna be that busy come on it's Mothers day so he goes to the case cage and emerald princess casino reviews over the associate working. Most of the machine's want give or take the tickets so the machines say call attendant if they have to pay you they only pay the dollar amount no change no round up. Needless to say my guest weren't impressed with our visit so 3 loss customers.

If machines was tested before doors opened and found not in working order customers should be told so they can make the choice to waste the day or not to board.

If we was notified we emerald princess casino reviews have not boarded. I never been on a boat before but the experience was great! The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly!

I will definitely go again! After reading reviews, I was expecting the worst. I'll have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We skipped eating, so I can't comment on that. We spent most of the time playing blackjack. Jeff, our dealer was very nice and helpful. The big slot games las vegas at the craps table was also very nice and helpful.

The smoke was much less than Cherokee. The boat has a little age on her, but everything was clean. We overheard some people complaining about getting nauseous, but it is a boat.

I will definitely do it again. All I'm saying is call ahead--Gambling is illegal in GA and to get around this they set sail into international waters. Mondays they do not do sail because of low attendance. Reading this online, we opted for Tuesday.

We arrived only for some kid who worked there to tell us they are not sailing this day because "it'd be a waste of fuel. Tuesday was our last full day I took my son and a friend there on a birthday cruise, and i should have known what to expect for "free". First, the "free admission" was great, along with the "free parking". Second, the "free food" was abysmal. Definite portion control, and I mean to the extent of a small tv dinner.

The food was unimaginative and bland, and the salad was a joke. Again, what should one expect for free. But lastly, this crew had an attitude. With a capacity of people, I emerald princess casino reviews this ship had more than passengers this past Friday. And as one might guess, this was definitely a money losing venture for the Emerald Princess. And wow, did they come out firing the last hour gambling. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, came out a loser on this trip. In the last hour, an "unseen" dealer, all night long, suddenly shows up and comes to our blackjack table.

Honestly, this foreigner was a real read article, had nothing to say, kept looking at his watch, and was of no help or guidance to any of the players at the table. No coaching, no adding up your cards, no talk, no nothing.

He was totally there for one reason and for one reason only And he did just that! So, in less than one hour, this jerk dealer came in as a "sweeper" and swept us all clean.

I should have expected this, for "free", but damn the courtesy and good will. He was out for blood and had a short timetable to do this, thus his looking at his watch.

I will not be going back. Had a lot of fun. Santiago casino table only has 2X odds. Unbelievable- simply a rip off. Save your money and go somewhere else - the gas station ding dings are better than emerald princess casino reviews sinking ship.

The machines are set so high I doubt they ever pay out. Four hours and I didn't see anyone hit anything. Pathetic I want to say more - rip emerald princess casino reviews. I play the tables and enjoy the closest thing emerald princess casino reviews vegas georgia has to offer. Winning is good but the dinner and time with friends on the water is much better EMT lady was very. She definitely needs a emerald princess casino reviews You'll feel that emerald princess casino reviews been trapped for eternity.

The cigarette smoke smell is horrible and I don't think the air circulation system works. We just went because we zusammen, casino on net 888 gratuit jede free tickets and then regretted going after spending an hour onboard.

Some people in the staff were extremely rude. The point of the cruise is gambling, not eating. I hate all of you crybaby bitches, and keisha i wish you wouldve jumped off the boat. You wouldve done the world a huge favor in your death. Gambling is illegal in GA and to get around this they set sail into international waters.

But if you want to play the cheap slots better get there early and grab a machine cause if you don't some old, stale, crooked-fingered, chain-smoking lady on public assistance will plunk her skinny butt down and won't move til that ship returns to port.

And all the time she will be feeding YOUR money into that machine. She won't even go upstairs for the included meal. Extremely cold, very uncomfortable. Buffet only has a few items. Salad consist of just iceberg lettuce. Limited choices on the buffet. The restrooms are filthy. Wanted to jump off of the boat and swim back to my car. This is a very fun gambling boat. They serve you lunch or dinner when you are going out and a light snack coming back in.

Flip flops not recommended. No, this isn't a first class gaming adventure, but it is far from as dismal as some have posted. I didn't go for the food nor the social experience. I went to have some fun, and hopefully win a little money. I won a little money, put t away and left with a little more than I started with. I do not see read more emerald princess casino reviews staff was rude or unhelpful. I believe they will treat you with the same courtesy emerald princess casino reviews you treat emerald princess casino reviews. Myself, I emerald princess casino reviews the people to be polite and courteous and friendly.

I don't mind my drink in a paper or plastic cup. The overall experience was fun and enjoyable. If I could put in a negative star rating I would. The advertisements for this casino cruise are very misleading. It was a waste of 5 hours.

The ship was dirty and the dinner was nothing to call home about. People were dressed like they just came off the beach. Drinks were served in plastic cups. Didn't win a thing and a lot of the gaming tables weren't even open.

The staff were smoking and texting on top of the table covers. Very poor ventilation and presentation. The dealers look mean especially the woman emerald princess casino reviews. I was walking off the emerald princess casino reviews and one of the staff just snatched the drink out my hand that I purchased on the boat and he said you can't take that out. This review is based on keeping in mind of a few major points.

It's a gambling ship, not a cruise line. If you don't gamble do yourself a favor and simply don't go, there is no other draw. He food is very good and the mrmobi casino is always great to deal with. A good dinner on the way out to sea which is about a 45 minute trip each way.

The gaming is decent for what this is. Slots are tight but you will see people winning jackpots frequently. Plenty of Blackjack tables but beware, the dealers cut a hard two decks of of a six deck gaming shoe. Standard casinos will only cut about 1. Emerald princess casino reviews gives the boat a considerable advantage over the player because that less cards that will be played. Dealers are total robots.

Trained to deal hands and under as strict rule to emerald princess casino reviews conversation and chit chat out of the game, makes for very empty tips boxes. I don't tip them for anything. Would recommend if you like gaming and the atmosphere that goes with it. It was ok I guess. The staff was nice. The buffet choices are very limited. Exclusive casino bonus codes would be a good idea to eat before you get on just in case.

Thank God we did. I mainly played slots once we were out in the international waters. Bingo was a blast! The wind on the top deck wasn't as bad. This was my first time being on a boat. I didn't through up almost fell a few times because on the way back the waves were choppy as crap!

I would go back and recommend to others! A colossal waste of 5 hours of my time! It sounded like a good idea before we set out, but took only 10 minutes to realize we'd made a mistake. Extremely sketchy food, dirty, broken down slot machines and the cigarette smoke was overwhelming! That's not even the worst part.

I took my elderly mother and there was not a single chair to sit down outside on deck where we had to spend most of our time just so we could breathe.

Worse night on a boat ever! Would have given 5 negative stars if posible. A ton of machines were broken. Two of those that I did play broke during play and I had to go find someone to fix emerald princess casino reviews machine so that i could cash out. The workers were flirting with each other and others were sleeping upstairs. I wish I had stayed at home rather than make the effort to go on that boat and waste my time and money. Oh, and my wife got sea sick.

The Bistro Deck Restaurant Emerald Princess II Casino Cruises. Emerald Princess II Casino Cruises The Bistro Deck. Freezing cold the boat and food was terrible. The staff was rude and emerald princess casino reviews u asked a question they had no clue what u were talking about. Wanted to play bingo and just kept asking and got nothing until someone said to asked the cruise director and he was very rude stating that they did announce that they were playing bingo and never did.

I'll go back to Connecticut before I ever spend a dime on this damn place again. I was in Savannah for business and brought my wife with me on this trip. We decided to go on the Thursday night cruise. Everyone was very friendly. We went to the dining deck and ate the dinner that learn more here with the cruise.

Beef tips, curry shrimp, or boiled emerald princess casino reviews over rice, green beans, cucumber and tomato salad, greens salad, fresh fruit, and vanilla pudding were on the menu. I had the beef tips which were good and the wife had the shrimp. It also it included tea or soft drinks. It was nice to sit on the deck eating while we started to get under way.

I also have to say that this boat was very clean and not just for emerald princess casino reviews boat but for a casino in general. Business takes me to many areas including Las Vegas and the cleanliness was on par or better than some casinos on land I have been to.

When we got out into international waters the games opened up. I usually only play craps in the casino. I opened the table and have to say the dealers were great. Matt, Mark, and Robert kept the game fun and we talked a lot during the night. There was only one other person playing craps so it was very nice to keep getting the dice. The dealers kept the game flowing and were laid back. The wife played slots and some roulette. Robert, the floor manager was very nice as well. Kyle in the cage was very nice to my wife as well as everyone else, heck even the click at this page shook our hands as we left the boat for the night.

We had a few drinks, I won some money on the craps table and we had a great time. I will definitely be back if business brings me back to the area. Great job to the whole crew!!!!! About Us URComped helps players receive the best offers, comps and VIP service possible at casinos and cruise lines around the world.

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Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker Special Features: Reservations are required for all cruises. Packages with hotel accommodations are available. No one under 18 permitted to board. The Emerald От bet365 бг II Casino boat from the start of the causeway to Jekyll Island.

It's easy to reach being only about 4 miles off I There is a large parking area, big enough to park a motorhome. The walk out to the boat is short and they have emerald princess casino reviews golf cart if you need help.

The boat ride out to the three mile mark goes past Jekyll Island and St Simon and click here really nice sightseeing.

The seas are usually calm so you barely know you're on a boat. They have a good selection of slot machines, my preference, along with live table games. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. I've been out with them about 10 times and have hit one Jackpot plus I always have fun. Order the Book About The Book List of all casino coupons List of Las Vegas emerald princess casino reviews coupons.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Driving Bicycling Transit Walking. User reviews 1 reviews Overall rating. October 25, Updated: Golden Isles Casino The Emerald Princess II Casino boat leaves from the emerald princess casino reviews of the causeway to Jekyll Island. Was this review helpful to you?

The only true standalone boutique hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, The Cromwell, which was Copyright © American Casino Guide.

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