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Music with specific themes of or obvious mentions of or evokes: Not dance music per se. Possibilities endless but trimming it down to just mainstream tunes or artists many would know. Don't want to debate the merits of any, just wanna throw out ideas CASINO NIGHT SONGS Ain't That a Kick in the Head - Dean Martin or casino night music All Star - Smashmouth Another One Bites the Dust - Queen Bad Boys - Inner Circle Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood Big Time - Peter Gabriel Blackjack - Ray Charles Burning Down the House - Talking Heads Casino Boogie - Rolling Stones clean version Easy Money - Billy Joel Evil Ways - Santana Five Card Stud - Ace Freehly For the Love of Money - O'Jays Gambler's Blues - B.

Material Casino night music - Madonna Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious Visit web page. G Money for Nothing - Dire Straights Pick up the Pieces - AWB Play at Your Own Risk - Planet Patrol Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton Shake It Up - Cars She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summer Start me Up - Rolling Stones Takin Care of Business - BTO The Breaks - Curtis Blow The Gambler - Kenny Rogers The Heat is On - Glenn Fry ugh!

Shaft Love Boat Godfather Sopranos Mission Impossible Miami Vice. Join Date Feb Location Northern California Posts 3, Since you have The Joker by Casino night music Miller, why not "Take Gaming in business Money And Run"?

Another one would be "Money" by O'Jays I think. Tom "Fatman" More info "A great reputation takes years.

Casino night music bad reputation takes only one night. View Profile View Forum Posts View Casino night music Entries View Articles. Join Date Dec Location St. Cloud, MN Posts Pink Floyd - "Money" Visit web page watch out for the BS word in the middle of it!!

Making sure drunk college chicks arrive home safely since !!! Paul -DJ Cruise View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Visit Homepage View Articles. If I were playing for a casino casino night music - I would try to play some 'Vegas" crooner music, rather than trying to find songs that talk about gambling or money. I would try to create that Las Vegas feel to the event - Regards, Paul. At some point I'll add them to the list and repost it for anyone in the future doing archive searches for casino night.

I think I just put that in cuz I casino night music that song. Paul, that's exactly what I do, playing rat pack, etc, but I also like to mix in gambling, money themes casino night music and there for fun.

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Mar 26,  · What do ya think would make great Casino Night song(s) -- besides the ones listed below. Music with specific themes of or obvious mentions of or evokes.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Casino Night Zone. Sparkling neon lights and glittering gold fill the Casino with razzmatazz! Play the machines with Button A, B or C. Flip the levers casino night music push casino night music the springs to send Sonic reeling like a bouncing blue pinball! Casino Night Casino night music is the fourth Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

It is casino night music huge city on neon colors on West Side Islandtaking casino night music during night time. As many other Zones in the game, Casino night music Night Zone consists of two standard Acts with a boss fight at the end of Act 2. Casino night music line with the pinball-themed level design, Casino Night Zone features various bouncy casino-themed gimmicks and slot machines, making it one of the most unique Zones in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Casino night music Night Zone take place in a huge, sprawling casino city during the night time. Casino tiger golden scam likely, the inspiration for the background and Zone's theme has been the Las Vegas Strip. In the background, numerous buildings are seen casino night music off casino night music jaunty electric colors and even further into the background there are lines of skyscrapers.

One of larger gambling houses are seen having flashing decorations with the words " Sonic ", "Casino" and " Sega ". Casino Night Zone's dark-gold landmass is highly detailed and has flashing neon colors as well. Along with the many colorful details, there are small, rotating icons of Sonic and Tails adorning it.

The ground here casino night music covered in red and blue layers with many neon colored palm trees, blue poles, Casino signs and other decorations along the paths. There are also many neon signs saying "Sonic" and "Miles" floating in mid-air.

On huge halls and in U-shaped gaps, there are large blue and yellow colored tables with red zigzag borders, where Slot Machines are usually placed. Sections in the Zone's level design is heavily based casino night music the pinball tables. As such, there are a huge amount of halls to utilize the playable characters as living pinball. Sometimes, the player has to curl into balls and then enter the pinball tables in order casino night music progress in the Zone.

Casino Night Zone also features many alternate routes. While lower parts of the Zone have more narrow pathways, the upper parts have more linear pathways.

Regardless, there are often deep gaps between sections with many gimmicks to be utilized to either climb up or fall down.

Since the level design of Casino Night Zone is based on pinball tables, the player has to pass through huge halls or spin up and down along deep U-shaped gaps.

Many of these sections in the Zone contain numerous bouncy objects and obstacles which are similar to real-life pinball machine components. Traditional bumpers with five-pointed stars give 10 see more per hit, but will not give points after being hit ten times. There are also small Drop Targets which give 10 points. Once casino night music it, it will change the color three times green, then yellow casino night music then red until it disappears completely.

Other bumper obstacles include blue hexagonal bumpers which move either left and right or stand in one placered triangular bumpers and bouncy plates which are placed on walls, ceilings or at the sides. There are also three small horizontal bars, which each give points. In Casino Night Zone, there are two types of flipperseach of which function differently. Neon green and white flippers function like real-flippers and can be used to launch the playable character higher up.

Orange and white colored casino night music are pointing downwards and are usually located on the bottom of U-shaped gaps which automatically send the player backwards upon being touched.

One of the most prominent features in the Casino Night Zone are the slot machines which are placed above or in the middle of the pinball table sections.

By getting into the hatch above or below the slot machine, the player can roll the slot machine and enter different combinations on the three wheel icons on it to get a certain reward see all results here. With the slot machines, the player either wins a variable amount of Ringsspiked balls makes the player lose rings or nothing. Blue colored shuttle loops in Casino Night Zone are heavily automated.

There are also deep and narrow elevator sections, where the blue platform will go up or down. There are several purple conveyor belts  to pass over huge gaps. Rarely, there are also green blocks, which move as string from up, right and down.

They will then disappear and appear on the other side to repeat the pattern. Casino Night Zone does not feature huge amount of threat with the small exception being Crawl Continue reading and few lines of spikes.

However, there are huge blue cubic blocks, which function as platforms or crushers on narrow pathways. In the beginning of Act 1, the player can either fall down to the pinball table and the lower pathway or utilize the conveyor belt to choose the mid-pathway. The lower pathway feature several spike locations and crushing blue blocks, but leads to the first narrow elevator section. After, the player will be launched by Pinball Shooters through winding tunnels to a section with bumper plates.

Here, the player has to use the green flippers to aim at the blue blocks and use them as platforms to progress with the Act. On the mid-pathway, the section splits into two pathways, which both lead to the upper part of the Act. There, there is huge gaps which lead to the lower pathway. In part above the Act there are Rings and bumpers floating in the mid-air above bumper plates, which the player can reach by using green flippers.

From there, the player can fall down please click for source the lower pathway or progress through the upper path by using green moving blocks.

The lower pathway has three U-shaped gaps with the third one leading to the lower pathway, while the player can progress through the mid-pathway without casino night music gaps.

The lower pathway has a small hall with bumpers and bumper plates, and has a narrow elevator section leading to the pinball section.

The upper and center pathway have two Slot Machines set above the Act. The player can then proceed to a small gap that leads to the lower pathway's pinball section. If the player manages to get bounced up by the hexagonal bumper, the player can reach another pinball section to the far right.

Both pinball sections will eventually lead to the end of the Act by passing through the winding tunnel or being launched ahead by the green flipper. Act 2 starts out by entering a winding tunnel then using a Pinball Shooter.

After passing below the first slot machine, the pathway splits into three ways. The higher pathway can be reached by utilizing the green flippers to reach it, while the lower pathway go down from the mid-pathway, which goes through a pinball met betekenis and a route to the center pathway. Below the moving blue blocks, there is a hidden pathway behind the wall that casino night music a narrow elevator going to the lowest point of the Act.

This route contains amy sideways-moving blocks that can crush the player. Beginning from the upper pathway, there is a deep, narrow casino night music hole that leads to the center While getting up from the more info pathway, the player can also reach to casino night music center pathway as well this way.

Following the upper pathway can be challenging as the player has to bounce on bumpers, drop targets and pass green blocks casino night music huge gaps. The lower pathway will eventuall unite with the center pathway, and after running over the first Star Post and falling down to the More info gap, there are two right pathways to progress through the Act.

Also, there is a hidden pathway behind the left wall that leads to another lower pathway. This path check this out a long hall with Rings, bumpers and bumper plates on ceilings and ground, while on the right side, there is another elevator section leading casino night music to the center pathway.

All pathways, including the upper and two center pathways will unite on this pathway and follow the another narrow elevator section and the last pinball section in the act. After going down and passing by the last Star Post, the player reaches the boss arena. In this Zone's boss fight, Dr. Robotnik attacks with a claw-wielding machine and drops red bombs from a hatch on the underside. An electric field means this boss should not be attacked from below.

Do not be tempted to use the flippers just because they're there. The trick for this boss is to turbo-dash your way up the walls of the pinball arena, and hit Robotnik by jumping off the walls on your casino night music up. It is tricky, but this method is still less dangerous than attempting a flipper-based attack. Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ZonesAmusement theme. First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Description A casino-themed city filled with pinball tables and slot machines. Location West Side Island. Stage casino night music s Amusement park theme.

Number of acts 2. Boss fight Catcher Eggman. Contents [ show ]. Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Retrieved from " http: Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia. Create your own and start something epic. Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Advertise Casino night music Kit Contact. Sonic News Network is a FANDOM Bet365 sports Community.

Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Community Messages has been updated. Robotnik Animals BeckyCuckyFlickyPockyPeckyCuckyRickyPeckyPickyRockyLockyWockyRatTocky.

Sonic 2 Music: Casino Night Zone (1-player)

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