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The spectacular Casino du Lac-Leamy is casino du lac leamy dress code with the prestigious room Hilton Hotel on the Lac de la Carriere a short distance from Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, 5 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

Casino du Lac-Leamyattracts some 3 million visitors go here year since it was opened in serving tourists and residents of the city of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. The casino is operated by the public Während casino near minot nd ist Societe des Casinos du Quebec and employs about people in the casino venue itself.

The property has a heliport as well as a yacht marina for private boats to dock, free parking outdoors and free valet parking. The property has a currency exchange facility, ATM bank machines, a gift shop as well as 8 bars and restaurants located in the casino itself and around the hotel complex.

Progressive jackpots are numerous and give players the opportunity to win massive life changing amounts of cash. Electronic Poker tables, Video Bingo, Video Blackjack, Keno and Video Poker are also available in the slots gaming area.

Slots assistants are available throughout the gaming floor to explain the mechanics continue reading the machines to players and to assist guests whilst playing in the venue.

Complimentary drinks are offered to casino guests. The 72 live game here are very varied and feature all sorts of popular casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Pai-Gow Poker as well as casino du lac leamy dress code poker tables. Gaming instruction is available for free at certain times during the day.

The Bacchus cigar lounge is a comfortable getaway for cigar lovers to relax and enjoy a drink from the refined bar selection. Guests looking for a quick bite to eat will enjoy the Banco Bistro and Le café which have delicious light meals on offer.

Le Baccara More info is a superb 5 diamonds rated venue and for sea food aficionados there is the Arome and Seafood restaurant to stimulate the senses.

A dress code is in place where items of clothing that are commonly association to violent groups are not allowed on the premises. The property has a superb show theatre connected to the casino where regular events are scheduled with tickets sold online or at the venue. The casino offers fabulous conference facilities and meeting rooms with state of the art technology casino 100 kr well as a banquet area with seating for up to 1, guests.

Details are click the website. Casino du lac leamy dress code Casinos du Quebec reward scheme is a free program open to guests who visit any of the casinos in Quebec who are part of the program. Members receive a Privilege card which records points and comps earned from playing on the slot machines and at the gaming tables.

The card gives the holder access to special discounts and exclusive offers in the participating casinos as well as cash for points. By clicking Directions on the Casino du lac leamy dress code map below, then typing in your location, you will be given the shortest route to Casino du Lac-Leamy.

Menu Skip to primary content. Ladbrokes Casino Online Rules and Etiquette in Canadian Casinos. A dress code is casino du lac leamy dress code place in the casino. Casino du Lac-Leamy Casino du lac leamy dress code Code A dress code is in place where items of clothing that article source commonly association to violent groups are not allowed on the premises. Entertainment The property has a superb show theatre connected to the casino where regular events are scheduled with tickets sold online or at luckypartners venue.

Meeting and Banquet Rooms The casino offers fabulous conference facilities and meeting rooms with state of the art technology as well as casino du lac leamy dress code banquet area with seating for up to 1, guests. Privilege Card Reward Scheme The Casinos du Quebec reward scheme is a free program open to guests who visit any of the casinos in Quebec who are part of the program. Casino du Lac-Leamy Contact Information Location: Search Recent Posts Wellington Casino Vernon River Casino Tyne Valley Casino Tignish Casino Summerside Casino Categories Alberta Blackjack British Columbia Casino News Entertainment Manitoba Newfoundland Nova Scotia Ontario Poker Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Slot Machines Advertisement.

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Came here on a Wednesday evening and it was pretty quiet with lots of parking available, which was awesome! The games are pretty fun to play - we spent a solid 2 hours on this one electronic slots game and lost track of the time!! I never pictured myself becoming a hardcore gambler, but you learn something new everyday I suppose. We didn't win anything, but I guess that's all a part of learn more here casino experience right?

Fun times though, would definitely come back to visit! I have not been here in ages, and forgot how fun this place is! Casino du lac leamy dress code entering in there is a coat check its free, just remember to tip. Washrooms are right beside coat check which is great, why not freshen up before hitting the slots?

I usually recommend hitting up the bar first I think it was called bar seven?? The bar usually has some awesome music going on to get you in the mood, although the drinks are not cheap. You can either sit at the bar, or get table service.

Theres a small menu of bites to eat as well. Now your probably here to play some slots, and you should not take tips from me, but those 1 cent slots are so much fun! Don't expect to win big on them, but its fun to press the buttons! Before you go, you may also want to check out the second floor to check out the view or grab a bite to eat.

There are also washrooms and read article if you want to kinda get away from it all and just relax.

It's as close as it gets to Vegas for me, and I loved the atmosphere at this casino. I will be back! Casino is casino du lac leamy dress code nice but the machines are old and payouts are awful. No small payouts to even keep you playing. No surprise hardly any patrons. Beer prices are ridiculous as casino withdrawal for a casino.

Go to Akwesasne Casino it's better. PS I don't expect to win on every machine but zero payouts. It was Friday night and as it gets later, this house of fun slots download is hopping! Looks like they put a new bar in on casino du lac leamy dress code main level and it was busy! The machines were tight as hell but hey, you can drown your sorrows in a drink that you can order directly from your slot machine if you are playing!

Just press the button for service and order what you want! Late night dining upstairs past some random club was incredible. Half casino du lac leamy dress code poutine and burgers for Late Night ordering!

Who doesn't love a casino for good food!? The portions were massive and you can pretty much get cheese curds and smoked meat on everything here! Parking can be a real B but you can valet for free! I went here recently and had a pretty good experience. I've been here multiple times and always seem to have a pretty good time, but of course, happiness is proportional to money won. Obviously if you lose all your money that's awful and it brings a terrible feeling in your gut but it's always great to set a limit one that you wouldn't mind loosing.

The minimum on the tables are quite high and you can lose your money very rapidly. I like going to slots because it lasts me longer if you go for the 25 cent ones. They recent renovated the place and it looks amazing.

Parking is free but they are renovating a part of the parking lot closest to the entrance. They host a fireworks show every summer, its quite the spectacle to see! I recommend go to see this! The best views are blocked off and you have to pay proceeds go to a charity but you can always find a good spot without having to pay.

Let's all just acknowledge the fact that I have never been to Vegas. If I had, this probably would rate around a 2 or 3, but for my gambling experience, it was decent more of a 3. Noah K took me casino du lac leamy dress code for Valentine's Day this year, and we had a pretty splendid time. They have some stunning lights on the trees and the fountains are all lit up. It almost made me stop hating winter for a few moments. There is free parking here, and lots of it. The Hilton Lac Leamy is attached to the casino, which makes it easy for hotel guests to gamble away their life savings.

You're greeted by hosts who are friendly and set the tone. They had a bronze Chinese dragon at the entrance, and several ladies dressed up in traditional Chinese attire, which was fun.

We walked around the whole casino taking in all the tables and slots and then went upstairs to check out the food. The casino has three dine-in restaurants: La Baccara Gourmet Restaurant, Arôme Seafood and Grill, and Banco Bistro. We didn't check out casino du lac leamy dress code seafood place, but La Baccara is definitely the priciest of the three. We opted for Banco Bistro, as it looked lovely, but was a bit less expensive.

See my review on that place later! Overall, great food and service at the restaurant, but we had an awful experience when we went over to the lounge for some cocktails. We were with two other couples, and two of us went to save seats while the other two ordered drinks casino du lac leamy dress code the bar.

Apparently, this was a mistake. We were scolded by the server because apparently they do table service, and don't like when people order from the casino du lac leamy dress code. That being said, when the third couple joined us, it took them at least 15 minutes to take our order.

They gave another table their drinks. It was very frustrating. As with any casino, the dress code is completely up to you. I saw girls there in Lulus and Uggs, and others in ball gowns. We wanted to dress up a bit since it was Valentine's Day, and felt completely at ease.

The lounge experience aside, we had a ton casino du lac leamy dress code fun. The blackjack dealers were fantastic, we walked away with some extra cash and had a great time with friends.

I highly casino du lac leamy dress code the casino for a date night, or night our with your pals. I will absolutely be coming casino du lac leamy dress code here, and hopefully win some more dough! The staff working the casino du lac leamy dress code are friendly, as they should. It is also clean casino du lac leamy dress code is nice.

My only complaint is the bar in the middle of the casino. The server way over charged us and gave us the wrong drinks.

When he saw the mistake he asked if we wanted to buy the drinks, since we had already had a sip and didn't give us any money back since we grossly over paid for our drinks.

The server was very rude and cranky. Would not stop here for a drink ever again, or at least not if I saw him. However, I didn't like that they put all the 25 cent video poker machines on the second floor. Also, it was weird that they don't give you physical chips for blackjack anymore, and you have to play half with physical cards and half on a touch screen with virtual cards and chips.

Overall, this is a good place to gamble if you're in the mood to. We were able casino du lac leamy dress code find free parking easily, and it's go here too bad of a walk if it's not freezing cold outside.

I haven't been to the casino in a real long time but I recently checked it out and had an amazing time with some friends. They moved to the main bar in the centre and read article can get your own juice casino du lac leamy dress code soft drinks at different stations around the casino.

They still have a person come around if you want coffee or an alcoholic drink. Once you are done playing, you print off a piece of paper casino du lac leamy dress code your balance and can use that as money. I played blackjack there at a new kind of table. Instead of getting physical cards, please click for source dealer scans the physical cards and it pops up on an digital pad similar to like casino du lac leamy dress code iPad in front of you.

You can bet, split, and stay using the keys on the pad. It was pretty cool, or at least I thought so because I was winning lol. I found a bartender rather rude at the main bar.

When I was paying for my drinks he asks how much are you giving me. I felt the way he asked rather rude. It was rather inappropriate to ask for gratuity. I understand the service industry and the bulk of their money comes from tips but your service should speak for itself. On top of that one of the servers brought the wrong drinks to our table after my friends drank a bit of it.

They simply brought them new ones and took the old ones away. Anyways I still loved my dealer and thus I gave it 4 stars. The worst rake in North America. Inept Management, a useless union that ensures seniority entrenched jaded and lazy workers are rewarded rather than the hardest workers. Lac Casinoland is a perfect little microcosm of what is wrong with Quebec. There is no competition across the river.

The Lac Leamy has a this web page. We had our work Christmas lunch here many times in the past, and it was great every time until this year.

Now, there is two soups, meatballs, turkey in gravy that was baked the night before, mashed potatoes, a vegetables side dish and a small salad bar. The desserts area is also considerably less. If it was 10 before, it is 2 now, both in food selection and quality. The service was fine. It is unfortunate, this year will be our last work Christmas lunch here. On a second, more sober visit, I saw the deficiencies. No drink service on floor is ridiculous, table minimums are a little greedy, and the casino du lac leamy dress code poker was brutal.

Service at the bar overlooking the water was pretty disinterested. Took a full 5 minutes to even have someone come by to take an order Not a bad place, but with several hundred Vegas casino visits under my belt, this place really pales in comparison We lost all our money in about the time we could shout ooh-la-la here at the Casino Du Lac Leamy.

The Little K, on her first visit to a casino, found the atmosphere oppressive We didn't see too many people winning and the overall mood was one of desperation, so we spent as much time in the casino as it took for us to walk from the free parking lot some distance on a cold winter night. I'm not much of a gambler. I work too hard to lose my money that quickly. But the false sense of joie de vivre that the casino tries to convey was lost in a casino du lac leamy dress code of unsmiling and very serious faces.

My brother was visiting from out of town and wanted to visit the casino. We took the 21 STO bus from downtown Ottawa, in front of Chaters on Rideau and Sussex. There was a sign at the stop that said it was headed to the casino, so it's really easy to find, but I think it only comes once every hour. When we got to the casino, we were dropped off downstairs, so we entered from there, right in front of the casino du lac leamy dress code of the escalators, rather than through the main entrance.

Our IDs were checked and we proceeded upstairs. My brother went article source for the Blackjack tables, while I went to go play at the electronic horses.

As I was taking out cash to put in the change machine, a man reached over and across me to get at it first. I was in no rush, but I found it pretty rude. Not a great way to start off my time casino du lac leamy dress code. Learn more here played the horses for a little while. The machine actually had a little glitch casino du lac leamy dress code about 5 minutes, which was fixed very quickly, but had never happened to me before.

I ended up losing, though only a few bucks. The man outside who was supposed to call up cabs ignored us, turned to the couple beside us, and started chatting them up. They didn't even need a cab, and since the man was, apparently, too busy to do his job, we hailed down our own.

We also noticed that this man opened the door for everyone else to get in, but just walked by us and couldn't even muster a glance in our direction, much less a hello. Decent, glittery, old crowd, lots of slut machines It's a pretty fun casino. Despite being absolutely nothing like Vegas, I still managed to have a really good time. Let's start with the deficiencies: No alcohol on the casino floor. No hot girls serving you free alcohol.

Minimum bets are high. But it's not all bad: Free coffee Free parking Really nice ambiance The horse racing "Royal Ascot" by Sega is very dated but lots of retro-fun. You bet a few quarters each race, so you don't lose too quickly! I've never really seen baccarat being played in the casinos before, but they had it here, and casino du lac leamy dress code where all the big action was You can now have alcohol on the main floor with the games plus the games are pretty cool too.

It's not Vegas but it's not meant to be. The parking is very close and the games and bets vary. I saw from penny to dollar slots and roulette, blackjack, and craps as well. The new-ish text holdem poker area is pretty cool. The wait can be long, although see more casino du lac leamy dress code says you can learn more here in advance and put your name down over the phone, so that's worth a try.

If not, expect to wait up to an hour or more for a spot. It's no limit and if you're serious about playing, don't suggest you sit down with just the minimum buy in, most ppl around the table have 4 or more times the minimum buy in.

You don't want to feel like the small stack from the first hand. It's no Las Vegas but in this part of the more info it's the closest thing we have to it. This casino seems to be busy no matter the day or time you visit. The location is really great as it's easy to get to from anywhere on the Gatineau side of the river and just off the highway if you're coming from Ontario. Parking is free and there's a lot of it mostly in the garage and some outdoor parking.

What I found strange about this place was the last time we went we ordered drinks at the bar inside the middle of the casino slot game great then were told we couldn't leave a certain "zone" around this bar and we couldn't take our drinks to a machine. So there we sat with overpriced drinks and nothing to do but people watch. I guess it wasn't SO bad because there are few better places on the planet to people watch than at a casino.

Ensure you bring ID, even if you're in your 30's, they're very strict at the door here and will ID pretty much anyone without grey hair or a cane. That's a good ego boost if you're in you never get ID'd anywhere else! The machines casino du lac leamy dress code as loose as Vegas so set casino du lac leamy dress code good limit and bring some friends so your night doesn't end too soon.

The Casino Lac Leamy Well its open 24 hours now but keep in mind drink cart service ends around 3am. For this area, definitely casino du lac leamy dress code nicest, classiest casino when you compare it to the Rideau Carleton Slots. Other machines include a Royal Ascott horse track racing, complete with miniature size horses which run the race on a small track in the middle, and video poker. The usual variety casino du lac leamy dress code table games such as black jack, roulette, and poker varieties can be found all in one section.

There are is also a craps table. Those tables are often very limited and as expected always full. Also now available is Texas Hold Casino du lac leamy dress code both with computer dealers and real dealers. The Poker room is to the far left upon your initial entrance to the gaming area. Like many casinos, for the VIP, and high rollers, they have their own private area. As mentioned above, there is free drink cart service. There are also 4 restaurants located within the Casino.

There's Banco which is an all you can eat buffet. For dinner they include roast beef, and crab legs. There's a more expensive restaurant which I have never tried called Baccarra. Both these restaurants are located on the upper level above the gaming area.

There is a cafeteria shreveport casinos restaurant, complete with seating, on the lower level. This restaurant will remain open the latest and a sure bet when you're hungry after a late night of winning. I've also never tried this one. I do notice often live bands playing here.

Banco is probably the most popular of these due to its price, seating availability, and the fact its a buffet. There is another restaurant which is located in the Hilton Hotel which has a direct connection to the casino.

I've never tried the food there but I've sat in their dining area for a taste taste and based on the dining area and service, i describe it as an upscale restaurant. There's 1 bar located within the casino. No alcoholic beverages are allowed outside of the bar area. On the busier nights like the weekends, expect to hear a live band playing. To be honest they play very well and the music variety is both good and tasteful. Attached to the Casino is the Hilton.

Hotel amenities with a direct corridor to the hotel. While you're there catch one of the many shows they have at the theatre. They offer coat check, and valet casino du lac leamy dress code expected.

There is no longer smoking within the casino however if you go to the very back of the casino, see more a heated terrace where you can smoke.

Heated obviously in the winter. My suggestion is to go to the underground as that's often overlooked. In fact, if you think you have a casino ddc, they have machines which ask you questions to determine if you need help.

And if it gets that bad, you can have security ban you from coming back. Casino du Lac Leamy Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. I haven't been to the casino in a real long time but I recently checked it out and had an  amazing time with some friends.

The Little K,  on her first visit to a casino, found the atmosphere oppressive Skip to Search Form tcxucwsw Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp. Sign Up Log In. Casino du Lac Leamy Claimed. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Casinos EditFree 10bet terms conditions bet a popup Edit category. Write a Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup.

Casino du Lac Leamy. Edit 1, boulevard du Casino Gatineau, QC J8Y 6W3. Photo of Casino du Lac Leamy - Gatineau, QC, Canada by Violette Carole Q.

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Want to chime in? Stop following Ashley G. Montreal, QC 13 friends 3 reviews. Stop following Martin M. Ottawa, ON 11 friends 58 reviews. Ottawa, ON friends reviews photos. Stop following Andrea B. Stop following Christianne Casino du lac leamy dress code. Ottawa, ON 58 friends 63 reviews photos. Ottawa, ON 3 friends 16 reviews 4 photos. Ottawa, ON 1 friend 8 reviews 6 photos. Burlington, ON 13 casino du lac leamy dress code reviews photos.

Toronto, ON 21 friends reviews 22 photos. Stop following Sandra M. Stop following Amanda B. Useful Funny Cool 1 Others will see how you vote! Ottawa, ON 15 friends 26 reviews 16 photos. Newark, United States friends reviews photos. Chicago, United States 79 friends reviews 29 photos. Gatineau, QC 35 friends 44 reviews 71 photos. Ottawa, ON 37 friends reviews photos. Stop following Darren M. Ottawa, ON 31 friends reviews photos.

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