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Casino Cruises Spectacular Casino Ships to Raise the Stakes of Your Myrtle Beach Vacation. Home to South Carolina 's only casino ships, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Need Myrtle Beach show tickets? Buying show tickets is easy — simply print tickets right from your computer and go straight to the box office. Experience the paradise that is the south coast, where the options for fun are unlimited. Located in the center of a mile stretch of beautiful beaches called the Grand Strand, this South Carolina gem is the hub of many family vacations.

With its beaches, shopping, resorts, fun shows and great attractions, Myrtle Beach is worth a closer look. Lodging choices feature amazing beachfront condos and resorts along with more traditional hotels, all with great access to what the area has to offer.

A few of the top lodging properties include the Sheraton Hotel Myrtle BeachDayton House ResortThe Caravelle ResortDouble Tree Resort by Hilton and Patricia Grand Resort Hotel. There are tons of things to do in Myrtle Beach, SC. Deep sea fishing is huge here, with all sorts of casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina for the novice and pro. And if you like the links, check out Myrtle Beach golf courses. Other entertaining live shows include Legends in Concert and Pirates Voyage. Sign In Account Sign In Your Account Cart Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina function ProcessVariation variation { switch variation { case 0: Search Myrtle Beach Go!

Swashbuckling entertainment the whole family can enjoy. The artists you know and love--LIVE! Find a Specific Myrtle Beach Experience:. Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina Top Picks Great Prices on both the things you know as well as unique, new experiences.

Save a bundle gesund pc slot games star you combine a hotel with your tickets. Keep an eye out for the Bundle it! Expert Insight Follow Bianca as she discovers more about Myrtle Click here. Myrtle Beach Travel Guide Let Ashley give you the inside track on what's happening in Myrtle Beach.

Top 5 Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Restaurants. The Ultimate Guide to Myrtle Beach Family Vacations. Top 10 Things to Do for Kids in Myrtle Beach. Reel in a Good Time at Myrtle Beach Piers. Discover Five Spectacular Shows in Myrtle Beach. Discover How to Spend the Day at Broadway at the Beach.

Things to Do in North Myrtle Beach: The Complete Guide to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Great Hotel Options Lodging choices feature amazing beachfront condos and resorts along with more traditional hotels, all with great access to what the area has to offer. All This Beach and All This To Do There are tons of things to do in Myrtle Beach, SC. Myrtle Beach Shows Pirates Voyage Legends in Concert Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Motor City Musical The Carolina Opry View All Shows ».

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Myrtle Beach, SC Casino Cruises Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina

We were concerned like others after reading the this web page. We had a great time on this trip and the time flew by. I recommend giving them a try! Many of the staff are rude, cocktail waitresses are nonexistent, drinks are not free anywhere in the casino, and when you buy one they are tiny and watered down, the games and machines don't pay.

It used to be a much better experience before Big M bought out all the competition and now has the monopoly on gaming in the area. Do not waste your time best casinos in the world money click be treated poorly, there are so many other fun things to do in the area I recommend anything else.

I'm a VIP player and come down on the weekends, not a one time visitor. I did try to voice my concerns to David the manager tonight and he would not let me complete a sentence of high let's me know he was not listening to me. I suspect if my husband had been the one to discuss the situation with him he would have let my husband speak unimpeded. I am a professional and conduct myself with patience and decorum casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina am not a feminist frequently let my husband handle things but didn't want to ruin his fun tonight.

David's behavior to me was condescending and dismissive. This establishment has changed and not for the better, I have given it many many chances to improve and it just gets worse.

I will not be going back, nor will my husband or my family who frequently goes with me. Went on the There was a buffet set up we went to see it and were told there would für google casino games free war lunch at 2.

The communication was a miss. We thought they offer lunch at 2 and waited However they did offer 3 sandwiches used casino boiled hot dogs and chop on top deck. I have to casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina was somewhat disappointed in the whole experience. I think so much more can be offered which would enhance customer experience and profits for the ship.

Might try a late departure to see if the experience is casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina. Not sure I would bring ant other visitors at this time. I did not lose money. I am speaking of a first experience being a new resident. We had a good time. I don't understand all the negative reviews.

I think reviewers throw stones when they lose money. Yes you are trapped on the boat for close to 6 hours and they allow smoking on the boat. If the smoke bothers you, then go on the non-smoking boat. Drinks were reasonably priced. My wife plays slots and she lost a little but she saw quite a few payouts. Also, I liked that the shuffle was manual and not a machine. I think it was a 5 or 6 deck shoe. Stoyan was a great dealer. Beware if you get seasick. A few people were not doing well and workers say it was only a marginal wave bounce.

So if you need your gambling fix SC, then give it a try. Sadly there seemed to be quite a few folks battling sea sickness read more well, sleeping HH-Ost: boomtown hotel and casino reno folgende the stairwells.

Drink service at the tables was non existent- the girls just didn't seem to make the rounds, we ended up getting our own. This was our 2nd trip, but also our last. Good luck to those of you who try, you're going to need it. We came on this particular casino cruise because it is advertised as "non-smoking", but so guess the other guests didn't get the memo or check this out to read any of the signs.

Kind of hard to reinforce with ashtrays on every table on the top deck. If I wanted to smell like a pack of cigarettes I would be a smoker. The breakfast buffet was okay No other meat options were available. There was an area that see more sandwiches and hot dogs but I didn't get a chance to sample those because of all the smoking going on during the lunch time window.

The slot machines are decent and they have a casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina table games as well. I thought there would be some other entertainment to take a casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina from gambling but casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina else offered during the daytime cruise session.

Overall it was okay but I wouldn't go again. The smoking is a big issue for me and my respiratory problems so I wouldn't recommend this cruise if you need a totally smoke free environment. Where do I begin? My group of five somethings hopped aboard the Big M during a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. This was my first casino experience, and I looked forward to learning some of the card games. Okay, and drinking unlimited free alcohol. After a 30 minute drive from south Myrtle Beach, we arrived at the dock.

This is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, as our uber driver was shocked to be driving out there. We arrived on the boat at 6: I started getting panicky thinking about being trapped just click for source this boat. I should have gotten off when I had the chance. The gambling starts around 7: Immediately the hoards of rednecks and senior citizens line up at the hundreds of slot machines and start placing bets.

We started off at the 3 card stud table with a pretty good dealer Stoyan- the one redeeming factor of the whole experience. Flash forward to one hour into the gambling experience.

I find myself on the roof, reeking of secondhand smoke, commiserating with my boyfriend about this awful experience. The worst part is when we realized that we still had four hours left.

It's now midnight and I'm anxiously awaiting the boat's arrival at the dock so I can kiss this hellhole goodbye. There were virtually no "good" parts to my Big M experience. The clientele, the staff, and the entire experience made this the worst six hours casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina life. Go to a strip club and waste your money at a place with a modicum of respect. This place is terrible. This was supposed to be 'jackpot night ' but it only turned out to mean that most of the machines were loosers and not paying out.

The food is always greasy and overcooked The crap food here is terrible and costs as much as golden coral but only has 3 choices. I will never come back to this place. I have been here many times, and each time. I hate coming here, and only. But trust me, if you have a choice never ever ever come to the his place. It is terrible and a rip-off. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID. For this review i wont even include the story about the so called security guards that work a metal detector as you board the boat.

Lets just say dont take a nail clipper or a bottle opener. The only reason i say this is because these items are considered weapons and you receive s t from the keystone cops. Im not a sore loser i won money as did my girl. We both more than doubled our original stake and left well ahead. I would say around people won dollar jackpots on slots my issues arent with the gaming just with everything else. As we boarded the ship the first thing i noticed was that the ships crew all looked like they had been casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina sea for months.

The uniforms were dirty, had holes,the individuals in said uniforms looked just as bad. Unshaven dirty fingernails, greasy hair. Im not kidding this is all true. Tennis shoes with dress clothes? Military style uniforms and dirty crappy looking tennis shoes. On top of this they all have an expression of " OMG i hate my job" you may think at this point Im kidding So we bought a package which included boarding pass and buffet dinner.

So we head to the galley for some grub. It was Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina night which i was slot machines play for fun pretty good about l, because its hard to mess that up right?

I could trash the food for hours but i wont because all that needs to be said is don't eat it. I've had many really bad buffets and this was by far the w orst, seriously im not kidding, and I've had food at summerville Shonys once The entertainment that was showcased on our cruise was a women singing songs while she played said songs so basically a DJ sing along.

I like to gamble, hell I freakin love it and this is the only legal gambling in the state and i can honestly say i wont go back it was that bad. This place could be awesome, but its not. I'm not very good at blackjack but my man randy took very good care of me. Food is a bit pricey but drinks are a decent price. I will definitely come back at some point and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes boats and casinos. Well, then this is the place for you! Myself and 6 friends all in our early 20s thought the casino boat trip would be a fun way to spend and evening while vacationing in Myrtle beach.

We didn't have a horrible time, but we certainly didn't love the entire experience. The Good - Cruising out to sea in the evening was fun. We got to sit on the deck and enjoy views more info the water and some live music up top. The Bad - Almost everything else. The entire boat is smokey except for the one non-smoking floor, but it only has slot machines.

Pretty much everywhere you go, you will be subjected to getting the black lung. Our entire group was coughing it up for a day or two after the trip. If you really need to get your gambling fix, this is a good option. I would not recommend this trip to anyone. First of all, tips on betting booked our tickets online and evidently paid much more than we would have if admiral code coupon lucky had waited until we got there.

We were there on a Tuesday evening and evidently it's taco Tuesday at the buffet. The choices were limited, and what they did have was casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina below par.

They had a pork roast which they were doling out as if it were gold, the slices were about as thick as a sheet of notebook paper. Once they were out of a dish it was not replenished, so you were out of luck if you didn't go early. The gambling was decent, but if you wanted to play the tables you were subjected to an abundance of smoke. Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina non-smoking article source only has slots.

There are no penny machines at all, and only a handful of nickel ones. We were under the impression that casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina alcoholic drinks would be free according to casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina website, but that is not the case. The waitresses that should have been serving the cash only drinks were nowhere to be found. What we were hoping would be a fun and unique experience for our vacation was exactly the opposite.

It was boring and tacky bet vegas 1. This is a non-regular-gambler review. My husband and Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina were on vacation, so thought this sounded fun.

We used coupons for the trip and the buffet, so it was not expensive to go. The food was pretty good for a simple buffet, but it closes at noon, so you need to eat when you get on, don't wait. I cannot tolerate smoke, so we went on the non-smoking cruise. HOWEVER, you can still smoke on the top screened in porch as well as outside on the decks I was unhappy with this information because those are two places I wanted to spend time.

I am susceptible to motion sickness and I absolutely got it. I would have paid anything for a Dramamine or even a place to kind of lie down. You go out to international waters and then stop and BOB ALONG for almost 4 hours. I couldn't go outside or in the porch on top because people were smoking which made me more sick.

So I will never, no matter what, ever go on another boat like this again. That is not the company's fault. He enjoyed the trip and bobbing on the water, the smoke didn't bother him. There isn't anything for you to do if you don't gamble or run out of money. I saw people with hundred dollar bills paying to play poker and lots read more regulars with their power player cards on the lanyards.

Be informed before going, if this is something you are thinking of doing; and if you go with other couples, you would at least have someone to talk to casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina you're not gambling.

This is not appropriate for children Sowohl download game casino den any age. It was semi handicap accessible, but as the boat bobs in the water, even steady feet can be off balance.

The learn more here was very nice and sunny the day we went, know how windy it is which would make a difference on the amount of bobbing in the water. They don't go out in really bad weather or storms of course. Five of us went on the BIG M, Sunday brunch cruise yesterday! We all had a great time! After all, it is a casino boat!

The brunch was just click for source food! A Full breakfast menu: The ship was very clean from walls to bathrooms to carpet. The staff must be on " happy pills" because every one was cordial and casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina. Plus, the staffs uniforms and appearance was professional and neat!

The music guy up on deck was humorous and entertaining! The bartender made killer bloody Marys and she was very cool! The casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina were spot on. They were professional and knew how to pay out correctly. Only negative thought was the second floor which is non smoking.

They had rows and rows of machines with five crypt keeper people playing them! ThIs is bad business to accommodate a handful of non smokers and lose out on the revenue of unplayed slot machines. I do not smoke and was not bothered by the other smoking decks. That's what the decks are for fresh air and resting in a lounge chair! I no deposit casino spins bring family and friends aboard the BIG M in the future.

If you get sea sick. Bring cash to get on board. Was on a getaway weekend with my wife, and thought we'd give the Big M a try. And the first thing to upset me was the neighborhood you have to go thru to get to the boat.

Kinda scary especially if you happen to win any money coming off that boat. If you want to play cards you better sit at the table as soon as you get on. Because otherwise if you put your card down there's no guarantee bin jw marriott cannes casino Spital you will have the sit when it's time to play.

Leicester casino gala if you get motion sickness stay off or take some meds.

Had the pizza it's worth being sick the whole trip! The staff are extremely friendly. Steve and the rest of the crew at the craps table were helpful and explained each of the bets to beginners. Overall a very good experience! Great breakfast selection but the food is cold. Very friendly staff and spacious 2nd floor. They were quick to casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina me a vip member!

Are you 70 and looking to double your money so you can make rent? Climb aboard with the rest of the losers. Not much to do after you lose all your money.

Disembarking also took casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina hour. The food wasn't being served all night, just the only thing we really enjoyed were the crab cakes, everything else was either bland or sweet and then you can pay again from for breakfast. I wouldn't do it again. We went on a morning session. I recommend you eat breakfast on the way out - they only serve until around The boat ride out was scenic. They also had one hold 'em poker table and, if that's all you want to do, recommend getting there early and getting your seat otherwise you probably won't get in a game.

Machines are a little dated but still okay. Probably a little on the tight side but that depends on casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina or not you win. True, if you your money quickly there are not a lot of options. The bar upstairs has cheap beer click a television but that's about it.

Pace yourself and have fun. The crew was Medizin slot machine games win real money Entfernung They were all very nice, friendly and helpful. As for rough seas, they were listed at ' and winds in the range.

After the first hour or so it was hardly noticeable. Did not see anyone get sick and only three who needed to lay down. We took the non-smoking boat where you could smoke on the open air top deck but there was no smoking in the gaming area and there was no smokey smell at all inside the cabin. The gambling, which is why we went, was not that great.

But I say the same thing about Vegas and yet I keep going back. I expect I will take more cruises on the Big M. Big M Casino I Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. The entertainment that was showcased on our cruise was a women  singing songs while largest casinos the 2015 played said songs so basically a DJ sing along.

I was afraid to go on the boat after reading the reviews, but I had a fantastic time. They had rows and rows of machines with five crypt keeper people  playing them! ThIs is bad business to accommodate a handful of non smokers and lose out on the revenue of unplayed  slot machines. Also if you get motion sickness stay off or  take some real slots online free. Are you 70 and looking  to double your money so you can make rent?

South Carolina's ONLY Casino offering two luxury yachts to choose read more Get in on the Winning! Always Double Slot points for CASH BACK! The Big "M" Casino began sailing in May of In June of a ship from Fort Myers, Florida joined the casino in Myrtle Beach. The casino is now home to 2 gambling ships, Ship I a non-smoking option and Ship II which is a smoking optional cruise. Skip to Search Form rabuqtwre Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp.

Sign Up Log In. Big M Casino Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina Claimed. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Casinos EditOpens a popup Edit category. Write a Review Add Photo Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolinaOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Big M Casino I. Edit Waterfront Ave Little River, SC Send to your Phone.

Popular slots on Ship 1! Ship I at Dock. Ad Mill Pond Bingo. Recommended Reviews for Big M Casino I. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! SC, SC 9 friends 2 reviews.

Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Stop following Morgan M. Useful 2 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Mahopac, NY 2 friends 7 reviews. Stop following Donmna T. Blythewood, SC 1 friend 17 reviews 1 photo. Camden, SC 5 friends 73 reviews 72 photos. Stop following Melissa B. West Babylon, NY 0 friends 10 reviews.

Stop following Shereese B. Bowling Green, KY friends 27 reviews 2 photos. My face when I realized that we were going to be trapped on the boat for six hours. My view from the Big M at midnight. Raleigh, NC 18 friends 2 reviews. Stop following Jeffrey C. Summerville, SC 28 friends 15 reviews 2 photos. Stop following Philip S. Charleston, SC 2 friends 10 reviews. Stop 777 slots casino Jennings K.

Stop following Anthony J. Oregon, OH 8 friends 6 reviews. Saint Paul, MN 0 friends 37 reviews. Wilmington, NC 1 friend 17 reviews 7 photos. Stop following Cathy L.

Scottdale, PA 59 friends 16 reviews. San Francisco, CA 0 friends 1 review. Stop following Fiachra M. Little River, SC 9 friends 23 reviews 21 photos. This is the buffet. Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina Easton, MA 0 friends 13 check this out. Portsmouth, VA 0 friends 1 review. Stop following Jonnetta M. Fayetteville, NC 0 friends 3 reviews. Page 1 of 3.

More business info Good for Kids No Offers Military Discount Yes Gender Neutral Restrooms Yes. From the business South Carolina's ONLY Casino offering two luxury yachts to choose from!

History Established in Browse nearby Restaurants Nightlife Shopping Show all. People found Big M Casino cruise myrtle beach south carolina I by searching for… Things To Do Little River.

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