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Maxine Waters Reclaiming Her Time Just Became Everyone's New Summer '17 Mantra Serena Williams Laid Out the Blueprint on 'How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap' in This Moving Essay Terrifying Viral Video Shows Ohio State Fair Ride Malfunction in Mid-Air, Killing One and Injuring Many.

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Bet fair com

Get to know your customers. Simply claim your company now. Get real customer insight and respond to your reviews. Access Trustpilot's free tools for businesses and start getting closer to your customers today! Get a free business account. Asking for reviews Not inviting. To our knowledge, Betfair asks its customers to review their experience on Trustpilot. Show rating distribution Hide rating distribution.

Bad - Reviews. Roll over stars, then click to rate. Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad — unacceptable bet fair com, unreasonable and rude conduct. Poor — an inadequate experience with a lot of friction. Average — acceptable experience but with some friction. Great — decent treatment and very little friction. Excellent — no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. Language All Bet fair com English dansk 31 svenska 1 français 1 español 1 italiano 1.

Placed a bet and my bet slip then said it was bet fair com. Contacted customer support chat and I'm not sure if I was talking to a robot or a person. Didn't seem to care at all and provided no explanation. Was for a very small amount but it was only when the race was over I noticed it was suspended.

Will not use again due to the unreliability and poor bet fair com service. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Big scammers no joke. They allow you to play with as much as less as 0. Click to see more roullette is definitely fixed. I have played live roullette from all different casino websites and all I can say is that the one form betfair bet fair com a big scam.

I have manage so many time to reach hundreds of pounds just by start playing with 20 bucks on other websites but In this one forget it. They know very well what bet fair com are doing. Refuse to pay my bet fair com. Take my money and all my losing bets but don't want to pay my winnings. This is a joke. I have bet on and off with many betting companies and these idiots are the worst of the lot. They've done my head in. The support staff are a complete bunch of morons.

I am going to take them to court. Do not open an account bet fair com these bet fair com. They are rated badly for a reason. They fool people to join with heavy advertising on TV bet fair com radio.

I have noticed all UK bookies are generally terrible as they are run by stupid white people. If you want to place a bet and be treated fairly I suggest joining an Asian bookmaker such as SBObet or Maxbet. It has been more info in studies that Orientals have the highest Bet fair com. No closing of winning accounts and no voiding of bets for no reason there. I've had very view issues with Betfair and all have been resolved quickly.

A lot of the bad reviews seems to not bet fair com been helped by raging at the staff. The exchange though bet fair com being good does take time for funds to come back, once or twice it's taken half an hour. Still though all round really good. Pretty shocked this has only 1 star and such a low rating. I,ve used this site for years and never had a problem. Pretty much always get better odds than high street bookies as well.

Never had any problems with them. My misunderstooding caused frustrations for their customerservice. They are great and remained calm. Special thanks to Mark Bet fair com. I bet fair com an account, but not for bet fair com longer. Cashout in horse race in running rarely works and the time lag is between 7 -8 seconds from actual live race so you are betting on a race that is 8 seconds bet fair com than your view. Prove it on a Saturday at home or a bookies.

Watch video of same race on phone v tv. Bet fair com cash out on a horse that's already won and yet you think it's still finishing and get less!!

Terrible customer service with staff who don't appear to have any knowledge of gambling and always blame the customer kit for streaming or odds problems.

Never seen a company go downhill so fast. They don't care about the customers anymore yet they'll still take their commission Been with them over 10 years. Used to be great now awful. If you send customer service an email they'll either ignore it, not have a clue how to answer bet fair com or blame you for the problem such as live video not working They seem to employ people with no gambling experience Last few months video feed works sporadically at best.

Nothing been done to rectify it. The exchange has been down during key times. All you get is an apology most of the time you just get ignored Withdrawal used to be fast. Now it stays in your account for upto 48 hours pending link it's processed - giving you bet fair com opportunity to reverse they funds.

They'd obviously like you to do that After that takes another few days to get in your account. They then asked for id. I said I wanted to close account bet fair com get my £10 back. I will report bet fair com to the FCA. I should have read the other trust pilot reviews before opening the account. They appear to be one of the worst betting companies for customer service.

Betfair is another one of my high opinions. Verify account was a bit slow however these things can take time. You can still bet. Promos very good DAILY, however loyalty bet fair com not given out often but sometimes.

Click to see more Is the account I hold with them and can vouch and verify for betfair as a good betting site. Absolutely not fair at all. Ridiculous, pathetic and kind of clever that hides head and exposes tail. Use betfair only if you liked to be ripped off and bet fair com. The total return was set to £6, The winning bet didn't appear updated in my account, whereas my earlier just 3 minutes back win or lost bets were settled in a minute.

I was quite tired and went on to sleep hoping that my winning bet would be updated later. I woke up around midday and straight checked my account but it was still bet fair com open and undecided in my current bet status after so many hours, more than 8 hours. I was surprised and made an enquiry, only after my enquiry my bet made voided and only refunded my £1, The stupid reason stated 'virtual sports outage during that time means there bet fair com no results'.

I replied, that's not my fault hard rock casino tahoe why my bet was accepted in time and the race went off as normal and I witnessed that my selection virtually won well. If the virtual horse racing was outage then is it possible to accept the bet? Why the bet kept bet fair com undecided for so long? They pointed that the reason was according to their traders. I presented bet fair com the bet status screen shots as well but arrogantly stick on the decision.

I check the past virtual horse results and very suspiciously there are no results from Strangely including the bets settled as normal from the time framed as above. I demanded my loosing bet fair com be refunded for the same reason of the above time frame as there are no results although they're settled but they stupidly replied the bets are settled.

So is it fair treatment to one of the loyal customers? Please help me bet fair com sign post where should I approach for this matter? So far I've only approached to escalations betfair customer support. Bad overview in app and very confusing and bad bonus deals. When I canceled the deal the whole amount disappeared without any explanation.

Only use their service if you bet fair com a bad experience! Having been a Betfair customer for over 10 years, out of the blue my Sportsbook account has had a go here low restriction applied to it max potential winnings £50 on any bet without any explanation.

I no longer bet fair com regularly but like the occasional punt. Even though I am losing on balance they apparently don't like my irregular betting pattern. I guess they only like customers losing bet fair com a regular basis. What is most disgraceful that they refused to discuss this with me and also refused to give me the name and contact address of a director as I wished to write and ask for an explanation.

My advice is go elsewhere unless you are prepared to lose on a regular basis, they obviously don't like bet fair com backing the occasional winner on a bigger bet than you normally have. Betfair are my number 1 betting site, been with them for a good few years now and never click the following article to send 1 document in and they are the best bookies for promotions always giving away free spins or matched bets every now and again.

My only problem with them would be acca insurance on football they have something called acca edge instead. I registered to betfair and sent my ID, waited 3 weeks with no answer from betfair, then contacted them and they said everything is fine, you are good to play. I even sent my address bill for full verification. Chat support confirmed my account is good. I placed bets, even got free bet balance. I placed 5 bets and 1 bet only won at 13 odds.

My balance had ! I placed some more bets. After few hours i tried to log in again and could not login! Access to this account is denied - this account has been closed. Please contact us if you have any questions. Betfair sent me this explanation on stealing pounds from my account!! HiWe are sorry to inform you that your account with Betfair has been closed. This decision has been made by our Security Department based on business grounds and in line with go here terms and bet fair com. If you believe we have closed your account in error please email.

Betfair would like to thank you for your custom and wish you every success in the future. Regards, Account Security Team They are criminal!! Bet fair com can they just steal from you liken nothing, even after fully verified all documents by bet fair com security team, everything was legit, but betfair just cheated me.

My bet fair com was fine today, i placed bets yesterday and bet fair com But no all of a sudden my account is closed!!!! I can look in to that. Can I have your username please?

Unfortunately your account has been closed on business grounds and will not be reopened. There are no further funds due You: How can you do that? Fairly won a bet!!! I did the verification!!! I had balance!!!!! What about my money?

We would bet fair com all customers to abide by terms and conditions when signing up. Unfortunately the details and documents provided were in breach of this. Your account will remain closed You: But your support approved of the documents? How can it be a breach? What did i breach?

My account was fully verified!!!!!!! How can a fully bet fair com account be a breach? Unfortunately I would not have any further details I do apologise. Your account has now been closed permanently You: Give me back my money!!!!

I had balance!!! Unfortunately there are no futher funds due I do apologise You: Come on i had bet fair com in my account!

How can you steal it from me? How is that legal or fair?????? Why do you have a documents verification process that bet fair com for weeks!! You ware lying to me? But i asked your team! They verified my documents! My account was fully verified! I did everything right. Chat closed I cant believe they are so rude and criminal.

How gambling commission lets these criminals steal money and winnings. Its crazy, i cant believe they stole my money. Do not bet on Betfair!

Please also delete your Betfair accounts. Betfair is acting unfairly on the market. Bet fair com comes to being locked up in slot machines for a few weeks. Betfair is not able to explain these blocks in any way. The Betfair client is not protected. There is no freedom of play and it is bet fair com to stress by Betfair employees.

My problem lasts for several months, and in some ways Betfair can not explain why it bet fair com the client while playing slot machines because it knows it is a bad betfair system. And that seems to be the intentional action of betfair. Please use the services of other gambling companies operating on the market eg wiliamhill, coral, ladbrokes, etc.

On other Gambling sites article source are no such scams. Good Comments on the subject of Betfair are written by people employed by Betfair as well as misbehaving or criticizing them. Betfair is a deceiver And please be careful q best bet fair com avoid this bet fair com away and inform your friends not to fall victim to fraud Betfair.

I've got no photo I. Bet fair plays on the vulnerable is TOTALLY unfair system!!! Disgusting same account I paid in with they won't put winnings link same account but will take it!!!!!!!!! Betfair your all scheming and really unfair. Won £30 put all my documents in kept account closed shittest company to gamble with. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Having closed my account and demanded one of two types of address verification in order to re-open it, I told them I couldn't provide any of utility bill was in my house mate's name, my bank statement is electronic and therefore does not show my address.

I had already provided my ID and expected this to be enough. After being told in no circumstance would my account be re-opened unless I had one of these two verification I was forced to bet fair com up my bank and ask them to send a statement and send it to my address so bet fair com address and statement were on the same page.

I received this, took a photo and sent this image to Betfair. I was then sent an email that there was an issue with this and after having sent 3 emails to the customer service team asking to call me on a specific number they didnt get back to me until a week later despite Betfair saying they will get back to you within 48 hours.

I was finally called by someone who said my statement was not enough as it was in black and white and that I would have to go in to to my local branch to get a stamped statement. Given that I have recently had a serious surgery on my knee this will take some time for me to do. The Betfair person I spoke to even accused me of lying on several occasions which really wound me up. I honestly have never experienced such awful customer service and I work closely with a customer service team and I know how difficult certain circumstances can be and would therefore consider myself more understanding than most.

I had held my account for 2 years. Getting paid out takes a couple of working bet fair com. I don't know why if my account and card have been verified. I closed my account. Not for the first time they suspended cash out saying that there had been a late withdrawal. My double would of paid over £ The cash out option was £ approximately. I waited a few minutes and decided to cash out a before the off. Sure enough cash out was suspended citing a late withdrawal as soon as I clicked to.

Customer service said I didn't click to cash out. Is Betfair your company? Get a free business account Bet fair com more. To reply as a company, please sign up here. Are you a business owner? Get your bet fair com account now. Is this your company? International sites Denmark France Germany United Kingdom United States.


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